Can You Pour Grease Down The Garbage Disposal?

Most of us think of grease as liquid and assume it’s okay to put down the disposal. But – we would be wrong. In general, garbage disposals CAN handle liquids but grease doesn’t always stay liquid. Once it cools, it does solidify to some extent. And that is when the problems begin. There is a […]

Are Touchless Faucets Worth It?

These days in 2020 when we are all trying to keep as clean and sanitized as possible to fight off any possible infection from Covid-19, many are wondering if switching to a touchless faucet would be worth it? The short answer is “it depends” on the reason you are even considering a touchless faucet. The […]

Can Cat Litter Be Flushed Down The Toilet?

If you own a cat or more than one, you probably know that cleaning those litter boxes is just about the worst thing about owning a cat. And you may think that it would just be easier if you could flush that cat litter down the toilet – instead of bagging it and disposing of […]

Can Sewer Pipes Be Moved?

These days, it seems more and more homeowners are deciding to stay in their homes and remodel to accommodate any changes in their living situations. Those great remodeling ideas that you present to your contractor may only be able to happen if you can move your sewer pipes. So, can these be moved? The short […]

Do Crawl Spaces Need Sump Pumps?

Sump pumps work to remove water from it’s surrounding area and deposit that water into a pit which is a hole normally made in the basement level. With this in mind, it would seem that a crawl space would need a sump pump. But the truth of the matter is that it would only need […]

How Does A Composting Toilet Work?

Composting toilets, these days, look like regular toilets. The difference is in how they function and how you use them. A composting toilet doesn’t require any flushing. Instead, there are two containers attached to the toilet (one for solid and one for liquid). The liquid automatically goes down some holes at the bottom of the […]

How Do You Find Water Pipes Underground?

When the need arises to hunt for underground water pipes, you may be wondering if it’s something that you can do yourself or if you have to call in a plumber. Well, the answer is usually somewhere in between. Yes – you can find underground water pipes using a pipe locator device (we would recommend […]

How Long Will A Plastic Sewer Pipe Last?

Plastic sewer lines are made of PVC and these types of pipes generally last for about 75 years (maybe more). If your home has PVC pipes and you know they were installed when the home was built, then you can make a good “guesstimate” on how much longer those pipes will last. If you are […]

How Often Does A Toilet Need To Be Replaced?

Although toilets generally last up to 50 years, there are several reasons why you would need to replace one in your home. How Long Do Toilets Usually Last? As we mentioned earlier, toilets generally last about 50 years. But this, of course is very subjective to so many different factors. How Do You Know When […]

How To Know What Size Toilet Seat To Buy

In actuality, toilet seats don’t come in “sizes”. Instead, they are measured by “shape”. There are a variety of different types of toilets and along with them are all the different types of toilet seats. Whatever the reason may be that you need to (or want to) replace your toilet seat – you should know […]