When the need arises to hunt for underground water pipes, you may be wondering if it’s something that you can do yourself or if you have to call in a plumber.

Well, the answer is usually somewhere in between.

Yes – you can find underground water pipes using a pipe locator device (we would recommend one that can locate metal and plastic pipes). This is the easiest method but it does require you to purchase this equipment and to spend some time combing through your yard with it.

If you decide you want to dig in any area of your yard, we do recommend that before you put shovel to the ground – to call Georgia 811 to ensure that you don’t dig into any utility lines in the ground. You can check out their information at https://georgia811.com.

Finding Water Lines With Metal Rods

Another method that some people swear by is to use metal rods in a technique called Dowsing. This practice has been around since the 16th century so it’s a very old technique but it only works on metal, so if your water pipes are PVC or any other material other than metal – this should not work.

It sounds a little odd and we’re not here to endorse or debunk this method but there are many around the world who use this method with some accuracy – so it’s worth a mention.

Other Methods To Find Water Lines That Are Buried

Other methods that homeowners have used involve equipment that uses electrical currents, others use radio waves.

Again, this involves purchasing these specialty pieces of equipment (some of which require some training to learn to use).

So, the easiest and most efficient method of finding water pipes underground is to hire a professional plumber that already has all the equipment and expertise needed to do the job correctly and quickly.

If you have any questions about underground water lines or are having some problems with it, call Atlantis Plumbing today at 770-505-8570. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.