Just a few of the many testimonials we've received from our customers.

Install, Replace or Repair a Main Water Pipe5 out of 5 stars "I appreciated the detailed explanation of how the work would be done, especially the details of bringing the water supply into the house and efforts to make sure it would remain undamaged."

Install, Replace or Repair a Main Water Pipe5 out of 5 stars "Michael was very quick to come out and give me an estimate. He was the only quote I got that took the extra time to spot another related problem before it had caused a broken pipe. They worked hard and got the job done the day before a holiday so I was able to go out of town without worrying. I have not been able to find a good plumber that I would recommend until now. Thanks for a job well done."

Install, Replace or Repair a Main Water Pipe5 out of 5 stars "Michael was extremely courteous and friendly when he came to give me an estimate. He explained everything fully and plainly. I was very impressed with the quality and price of the water main he repaired. I will definitely call upon him again and refer him to family and friends for any plumbing need."

Repair or Service a Water Heater5 out of 5 stars "Excellent tradesman. Best plumber I have used yet. Recommend to anyone without reservations."

Install, Replace or Repair a Main Water Pipe5 out of 5 stars "Excellent and professional, responsive."

Install, Repair or Replace Existing Plumbing or Fixtures5 out of 5 stars "Michael did an outstanding job. He replaced a water line and even went under the bushes so as to minimize the damage to the yard. Highly recommended."

Repair or Install Gas Piping5 out of 5 stars "Excellent job. Very professional. I would use him again."

Install, Replace or Repair a Main Water Pipe5 out of 5 stars "Mike was very responsive and honest. He kept his word showing up on-time, and performed the water main repair quickly at the estimated cost he quoted me on the phone. I would strongly recommend his services to anyone in need."

Install, Repair or Replace Existing Plumbing or Fixtures5 out of 5 stars "Michael and his technicians at Atlantis Plumbing were very honest and very professional. Their work was very skillfully done and they treated my property as though it were their own and when they had completed the job, they took time to clean up and insure that it was only minimally obvious that any work had been done in the yard. A very professional company."

Install, Repair or Replace Existing Plumbing or Fixtures5 out of 5 stars "Thanks! Would use again!"

Install, Repair or Replace Existing Plumbing or Fixtures5 out of 5 stars "Michael is all you need for your plumbing jobs. I was so pleased with his performance that I have already spoken to him about future plumbing repairs in my house. Keep up the great work Atlantis plumbing!!!"

Install, Replace or Repair a Main Water Pipe5 out of 5 stars "The work required was the replacement of a leaking yard water line. All of the companies contacted me within 24 hours, most within 8 hours. They all were professional and courteous, and gave competitive bids. The primary difference between the companies (and prices) was whether they used a trenched or non-trenched procedure of replacement. I opted for the older trenching method. Upon being selected, Atlantis Plumbing scheduled the work for the next day, showed up promptly, performed the work exactly as they had described and within the estimated time-frame, and cleaned the work area after the were finished. Clearly, the line replacement was done correctly. The inside connection is neat and professional, and my water usage has dropped fifty percent since the replacement."

Install, Replace or Repair a Main Water Pipe5 out of 5 stars "Michael was a life saver. I hired him because his estimate was very reasonable; he explained the work that needed to be done (honest) and did the work promptly. I had previously interviewed several plumbers who gave me high quotes and tried to make the problem seem more than it was in an attempt to scare and confuse me to justify their pricing. I have already recommended Michael to a friend and would recommend him in the future as being honest, reasonable and dependable to do the job that is needed."

Repair or Service a Water Heater5 out of 5 stars "I'm very satisfied with Mike's work. Committed to solve client's problem, Mike provided highly professional service with excellent price. He went out of his way to come to my house 3 times altogether to finally solve my problem, even helped me contact county water service department to explain the situation … I highly recommend Mr. Whitman to everyone. "

Install, Repair or Replace Existing Plumbing or Fixtures5 out of 5 stars "Beryl is the plumber that actually did the work. He was a pleasant person to have in my house for 9 hours. He knew exactly what to do and did it well. His knowledge and confidence made me feel relaxed about the extensive demolition that took place in my bathroom. The end product was very professionally installed. I will use them for my next project."

Install, Repair or Replace Existing Plumbing or Fixtures5 out of 5 stars "Completed 2 tasks in good time, made good suggestions, very professional."

Repair or Service a Water Heater5 out of 5 stars "I e-mailed you at 8pm about my leaking water heater. By 7:30am the next morning, Michael from Atlantis Plumbing had e-mailed, and had contacted me by phone. He was at my door by 9am that morning, and had solved my problem. Other dealers in the phone book said that it would be a day or so. Some never even took the time to return my call. Atlantis Plumbing delivered. I'll be sure to let my friends know about your fast reliable professional service. Thanks for help."

Install, Repair or Replace Existing Plumbing or Fixtures5 out of 5 stars "His performances were very good and very professional, too. His knowledge was outstanding."

Install, Repair or Replace Existing Plumbing or Fixtures5 out of 5 stars "Extra-hard working individuals. We cannot express how pleased we are about the job that Mike did for us. We will recommend Atlantis to anyone we know that may require their services."

Install, Repair or Replace Existing Plumbing or Fixtures5 out of 5 stars "Estimate given was in line with previous estimates. Repair work turned out to be more involved than initial assessment but was completed in a timely manner at a reasonable price."

Install, Repair or Replace Existing Plumbing or Fixtures5 out of 5 stars "The plumbing contractor who came on-site, Michael, did very good quality work. He also helped me with some minor plumbing tasks that were not part of this job for no extra cost. His service was excellent, as he was on time both days. Furthermore, he spent a lot of time making sure that the job was done correctly the first time, by repairing some existing problems. He also made some recommendations for the future as well. Overall, the service/cost ratio was excellent and I would recommend Atlantis plumbing to anyone with a home plumbing situation, regardless of scope."

Install, Repair or Replace Existing Plumbing or Fixtures5 out of 5 stars "Atlantis did a fantastic job for us. Ours is an older home with all of the expected patchwork of previous amateur repair jobs to prove it. Atlantis went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure our problems were fixed right and once-and-for-all. I will definitely call them again when/if we need plumbing needs in the future."

More Plumbing Problems5 out of 5 stars "My nephew put mardigras beads down the toilet and flushed. The beads caught on a pipe chip going out the house and ended up causing a clog. Atlantis came out and ran the rooter machine and pulled out some partial beads. Good service once again and reasonable."

Perfect5 out of 5 stars "Atlantis Plumbing did an amazing job. They were very friendly and exceeded my expectations. I would recomend them to any one in need of plumbing service."

Excellent Plumbing Service5 out of 5 stars "It was a weekend and I had a plumbing emergency. Mike (Plumber – Atlantis Plumbing) came to help me on a short notice. I give him my highest recommendations."

Excellent Service5 out of 5 stars "It seems today it is becoming more difficult to find competent professional service – well that is exactly what Cy from Atlantis Plumbing delivered. I made an appointment late on Friday for Saturday afternoon for a badly leaking shower. Cy not only fixed the shower problem but also addressed the root cause of a faulty pressure regulator. Thanks Cy!"

Highly Recommended!!5 out of 5 stars "Responded quickly to my call when others wouldn't, because of the Thanksgiving holiday. We had a faulty water heater leaking hot water. From the time of call to the time of repair just a few hours passed by. A month later my electric bill is down $50 a month! Thank you Atlantis Plumbing!!"

Found the problem5 out of 5 stars "I called Atlantis Plumbing to find out why a basement toilet kept clogging. I had paid another plumber $275 to come "unclog" the toilet, but they did not "fix the problem." Mike and his assistant came out the same day, and after some searching, found cement lodged in the pipe. They spent 4 hours that same day breaking up cement floor, removing and replacing pipe, and pouring new cement. I did not get other quotes for repair–after all the grief I'd gone through dealing with a clogged toilet, I was happy they could fix the problem. I will definitely call them again when I need a plumber."

Fast, Friendy, Professional5 out of 5 stars "The friendly and competent tech who came out (right on time as promised) diagnosed the problem immediately and fixed it quickly. Highly recommended."

Great Service!5 out of 5 stars "Great service, installed my new water heater quickly and efficiently. Very professional servicemen."

Nice work5 out of 5 stars "This guy was fantastic! He fixed my waterline without destroying my house. Two other plumbers said that I would have to tear out a brick wall to fix it. Nice work with minimal damage."

World class plumbing company5 out of 5 stars "I was impressed with the fast service and high quality workmanship. I would highly recommend Atlantis Plubming for your house or business repairs and renovations."

Another bad day for my plumbing.5 out of 5 stars "Ten years and 4 major plumbing problems. Is there not quality work done anymore? I had a pipe break outside over the weekend. Called Atlantis off Kudzu and they responded quickly and had my water back on in 2 hours. Quick, competent and not too expensive."

Nice Work!5 out of 5 stars "They did a great job for me when I needed my sink and toilet removed and reinstalled for renovations. They have a nice crew of people and I would definitely hire them again."

Outstanding Service5 out of 5 stars "Atlantis Plumbing did an outstanding job at our home. We contacted them and they immediately answered the telephone. They were very helpful and responded immediately to our emergency plumbing problem. They were very professional and extremely informative. We highly recommend their service. Job well done!"

On Time and Professional5 out of 5 stars "Cy Davis with Atlantis replaced two old shower valves that were leaking. He showed up on time, had all the parts, saved my tile shower walls and cleaned up in the end. I'm glad I didn't tackle this myself. Thanks again, Sam"

Exceeded all expectations-"A Valued Plum Partner"5 out of 5 stars "After discovering I had a exterior water line damaged outside of my home, I immediately did the KUD research and selected Atlantis Plumbing, and Michael to provide me with a solution I could live with. I had another company, company X to give me an extimate and it was $500.00 more than Mike's proposal. I'm a huge believer in creating a win win situation for the contractor and the home owner. That was done by Atlantis and they simply found the link and fixed it at the brake……….NO entire new line needed. A common sence approach. I'm SOLD on Atlantis/Dallas/Ga."

Best Tradesman5 out of 5 stars "Great service. Fast response and fair price. Michael solved our immediate drain problem and gave us some suggestions to put off a major repair needed. I would recommend them to a friend."

Fast, Professional, Reasonable5 out of 5 stars "My water bill was over $1000.00, Cobb County came over and turned the water off and told me I was losing over 3 gallons per minute and was surprised I had not noticed a difference in water pressure in the house. There was no sign of water leaks on the yard or in the basement. I called three companies from the phonebook. All three companies showed up with 2 hours of calling, the prices I was given went from $1200 up to $2300. Mike with Atlantis quoted me more than the lowest price ($75 more), but I trusted Mike to do a good job. (The lowest priced plumber wanted a down payment to buy parts and rent a machine and had a shady appearence, the deal started to sound fishy.) Well, Mike came out with his helper Rodney and they replaced my water main like clockwork. The connections looked professional, the yard was neatly raked,………the water meter needle was not moving. Thanks for the good work, Chris"

Great Service5 out of 5 stars "Mike repaired a water leak for me and did a great job. He was on time and did everything he said he would do. The price was even reasonable. I highly recommend him and Atlantis Plumbing."

Water Pipe Repair5 out of 5 stars "I wanted to thank Atlantis Plumbing for the excellent work repairing my water pipe last week. I was impressed with their ability to complete the work so quickly, especially on such short notice. Also, I would like to commend their professionalism with regard to following up throughout the process (the initial visit and quote, confirmation calls and the actual installation) My main reason for choosing Atlantis to the repair was based on a referral that I received from my neighbor across the street. She was pleased with the repair at her house and I've found that if you can find someone that satisfies their customers, you should call on them first. I found Atlantis rates to be quite reasonable, especially condsidering the extra work involved to dig under the walkway and driveway without damaging the concrete. Thanks again Mike and Atlantis Plumbing, Rick Martinez"

Professionals at Work5 out of 5 stars "This is the second time in 2 months that Michael and Tom from Atlantis have been to my house. The first time they unclogged my drain and pulled out a bunch of roots. The put the TV camera down the pipe and showed me the problem. Today the same problem occured again. Michael and Tom came back out and suggested we solve the problem instead of putting another bandaid. After several hours of digging in the flower bed they removed a large root and a broken pvc piece of pipe. They repaired the problem and cleaned up almost perfectly. I'm happy the problem is resolved."

Hot water tank5 out of 5 stars "My hot water tank started leaking at 11pm on Saturday. I called 2 other plumbers and could not get a real plumber to pick up the phone. Mike picked up the phone and calmly talked me through the emergency steps. I finally turned off the water and power to the hot water heater. I vacuumed water out of my basement and from around the carpets. Mike referred me to a water extraction and mold remediation company. The next morning Bobby with Atlantis came and exchanged the hot water heater. Excellent service. Friendly people."

A+++, Great Service5 out of 5 stars "After three days of digging in my front yard I finally gave up and called in a professional. Mike arrived promptly after I called and gave me an estimate of $1200 to replace my water main pipe. I decided to get another estimate from Mr. Roto Rooter and they told me that the replacement would cost $1850 and would take all day. I scheduled with Atlantis Plumbing for Mike to return the following day. He and a helper arrived promptly and finished the work in 4 hours at the estimated price. I was surprised how quickly the locator device found the copper pipe coming out of my house, that I had spent days searching for. Great professional service, I would use them again. George"

Exactly as Promised5 out of 5 stars "Called 15 different companies with an emergency on a Saturday. Broken water pipe in front yard wash gushing yard away and washing under driveway. Atlantis is the only one who answered phone and promised to be there same day. On Monday I was still getting return calls from other companies. Atlantis arrived when they said they would. Gave an estimate. Did the work well. Informed me up front what they covered (any broken power lines, etc.) and didn't (drywall repair). The final bill was aligned with the estimate. The work was done on time and here's a single woman who did not feel "taken advantage of." I'll use again and will recommend to any and every one."

Real people, fast action5 out of 5 stars "Monthly water bill was four times the "norm". I discovered a leak from the meter to the house. I found Atlantis on Kudzu.com and emailed for information. I had a return call within 2 hours. With a few thoughtful questions, Mike was able to give me a very accurate estimate over the phone and set an appointment. He took care of getting the "call before you dig" people scheduled. Mike arrived early for the appointment and the repair was made in about 2 1/2 hours. The bill was a little less than his estimate. I like these guys and have already (within an hour of the repair) given Mike's name and number to a friend with a similar problem. "

Great Service5 out of 5 stars "Had a plumbing emergency and Mike responded quickly and professionally. It was pretty expensive ($640 to fix 4" sewer and water main) in the end, but worth it being an emergency call on a Sunday. Thanks! "

Fast and Reasonably Priced5 out of 5 stars "Fast response to my request for an estimate for the replacement of my main water line The price was very reasonable. Mike and helper arrived on time they found the sewer line was broken also I'm thinking looks like i may have to go rob a bank but no once again a fair price to repair. All the work was done in a timely manner. But the most impressive thing about these guys besides their plumbing skills was the worksite cleanup they did when finished.Thank you Mike You guys are now known to me and my friends as my personal plumbing company Drive fast & turn left Roger Freeman."

Best Seen Ever5 out of 5 stars "I had to pay over $100 each for other plumbing services to determine whether I had a supply line leak or not, and their estimates were much higher than Atlantis. After waiting days for Wayne Ernst, I gave Atlantis a call and they were out the same day, gave me an estimate far lower than the other plumbers, charged nothing for the visit and completed the project the very next day. Outstanding attitude, and no surprise added charges, what a great company compared to others I contacted. "