We employ state-of-the-art technology and the most up-to-date, expert methods for locating leaks and fixing them - fast and affordable.

Water Pipe Leak Detection Services

Water pipe repairs begin with proper detection. It's important to properly identify where the pipe leak is and the amount of damage it has caused.

Water Pipe Repairs and Leak Detection, Ultra Sonic:

Ultrasonic leak detection is an effective and non-invasive method of detecting water pipe leaks. It is the use of a listening device to amplify the sound of water or air escaping from a pipe, valve or fitting. Basically there is a head set, an amplifier and a mini-subwoofer that picks up the sound.

The success of this type of leak detection is based on soil conditions, depth of pipe and piping material (plastic pipe such as polybutylene or PVC muffles the sound of a leak versus a metallic material such as copper which carries sound). Ultrasonic leak detection can be impossible or very costly if the route of the underground line is unknown (plastic pipes cannot be traced unless there is a tracer wire, or if the pipe is cut and fish taped)

Water Line Leak Detection, Shovel or Tractor:

The most common method for obvious water pipe leaks bubbling from the soil or dampening an area is to dig it up with a shovel or tractor. Not the best initial approach when the water is coming from concrete, asphalt or from a sloped area. Water travels the path of least resistance, therefore, cracks, expansions joints or old trench lines can leave you chasing a leak.

Many situations require the replacement of a section or the rerouting of the line, if the problem can be isolated to a section, ex: water service line or hot water to kitchen sink area.

We Protect The Area Surrounding Your Water Pipe Leaks:

The Utility Protection Center is a non-profit organization and will locates underground public utilities at no cost. We always contact them before digging. Not only is it dangerous to blindly dig but fines and repairs can range from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.