How To Detect Water Leaks Under Concrete

Discovering a leak in your home can be very difficult to locate especially if it’s suspected that the leak is under a slab or concrete. But a professional plumber has the tools that are needed to detect these water leaks. Finding that leaky pipe under that concrete (and then fixing it) can be a problem, […]

How To Clear Roots From Your Drain Pipes

A frustrating and fairly common issue here in Georgia is the issue of plant and tree roots invading our plumbing system. Once the problem has begun, it can turn into an expensive issue to fix so the best thing that a homeowner can do is to prevent it from happening in the first place. How […]

How Plumbing Will Change Due To Covid-19

Like many industries and businesses across the globe who are making changes to how they operate, plumbing companies will also be altering how they service and work with their clients. We anticipate the following changes: Scheduling A Plumbing Service When services are scheduled the plumbing company will be asking questions like… These questions are important […]

How Do You Know If Your Water Line Is Leaking?

Usually there are two things that alert a homeowner (or business owner) that there’s a leak in the water line. Some homeowners may detect a leak by hearing a soft rushing sound of water behind a wall – and although this is not very common it’s certainly not to be dismissed. How Do You Begin […]

How Do You Know If Your Main Drain Is Clogged?

There are some signs that you can look for that will let you know that yes, you may certainly have a clog in your sewer line. If you notice any of these signs in your home – chances are fairly high that you have a clog in your sewer line. Your next step is now […]

How Do You Clear A Clogged Sewer Pipe?

Clogged sewer lines are not something you want to let linger. You want to get that fixed as soon as possible. If it’s left alone, the problem can just get worse – which means it could end up resulting in raw sewage backing backing up and out of your drains. 4 Signs Of A Clogged […]

Snake Doesn’t Work On Clogged Kitchen Sink

Most handy homeowners have a drain snake (aka Augers) in their toolkit and they know how to use it. But sometimes – even that tool won’t work on fixing a clogged kitchen sink. So, what can you do when the drain snake won’t work? The 3 Different Types of Drain Snakes Did you know that […]

Is It Safe To Bathe In Rusty Water?

Generally speaking, it’s NOT safe to consistently expose yourself to brown, rusty water – drinking or bathing in it for an extended period of time could cause some health issues. Believe it or not, it’s actually also safe to drink. In other words, it won’t kill you. So if you absolutely HAD to bathe or […]

How Do I Stop My Water Heater From Whistling?

You turn on your dishwasher or run hot water from a faucet and within a few minutes, you begin to hear a loud whistling noise. As you follow the sound you discover that it’s coming from your water heater. So, why is your water heater whistling and how do you stop it? First thing to […]

Do You Hear A Foghorn Noise When Flushing Your Toilet?

It can be disturbing to hear any kind of noise coming from your toilet – it’s definitely a sign that something has gone wrong, but what could it be? And the list of the things that could have gone wrong are long depending on the type of noise / sound that you hear. Toilets can […]