Generally speaking, it’s NOT safe to consistently expose yourself to brown, rusty water – drinking or bathing in it for an extended period of time could cause some health issues.

Believe it or not, it’s actually also safe to drink. In other words, it won’t kill you. So if you absolutely HAD to bathe or shower in brown water and you accidentally injested some – you will be okay.

But the true answer is MAYBE. Yes, you might be able to take a short bath in this kind of water IF your skin is not sensitive. But, any extended period of time in this water OR if you do have sensitive skin could cause some health issues for you.

Bottom line is – our recommendation is to avoid bathing in discolored water.

Why Is My Bathtub Water Brown?

You may be wondering why that water in your bathtub is brown in the first place.

Generally, the discoloration in your water system is due to the accumulation of sediment, rust and minerals that naturally occur in your water pipes. This is very normal. But for some reason – these elements have been disturbed somehow and are now mixed in to your water supply.

There are a few reasons why this may have occurred:

  • Something has bothered the main water line.
  • Nearby construction may also cause these elements to dislodge into your water system.
  • Rust could be coming from your city’s water system.
  • Rust could also be coming from your water heater.
  • Damaged water pipes
  • Recently replaced water pipes.

Any of these factors (or a combination of them) could be the cause of your darker colored water.

What To Do If You See Rust Coming Out Of Your Bathtub Faucet

So, what can you do about that rusty brown water that is coming out of your faucet?

The answer is it depends on what is causing it.

  • Main Water Link Problems – If this is the cause then you need a professional plumber to come in and locate the crack and either fix it or replace the pipe.
  • Nearby Construction – if the issue is that some nearby construction is the cause then it’s more than likely a temporary problem. You can certainly contact the construction crew / contractor and inform him of the situation.
  • City Water System Problems – Your water pipes may be just fine – the problem may be coming from the city pipes. There are several reasons why this problem would occur but we recommend that you contact your water utility company to alert them and of course to get answers as to why your water is now a brown or yellow color. We added a list of the phone numbers to the city water utilities around the Atlanta, Georgia area below.
  • Water Heater Problems – If you notice that you only see the discolored water when you turn on your hot water – then the problem may be from your hot water heater. This is a common occurrence. Sediments naturally build up in hot water heaters. To avoid this problem you want to stick to a schedule of draining and flushing your hot water heater tank twice a year. We recommend you get a professional plumber to do this for you.
  • Water Pipes Are Damaged – if there is a crack or perhaps a tree root has invaded one of your water pipes or any other issue – any of these types of damages could cause that discolored water situation. A plumber will need to come in and locate where the damage is and either fix it or replace that section of your water pipe.
  • Side Effects Of New Pipes – If you have recently had your water pipes replaced / repaired and you’re seeing discolored water in your toilets or coming from your faucets, don’t be alarmed. This is normal and should be temporary. But of course, if the problem persists then you definitely need to notify your plumber of it.

Here is a list of the water utilities in the areas in and near Atlanta, Ga. that we service:

Atlanta Watershed Management

Cherokee County Water and Sewer Authority

Cobb County Water

Clayton County Water Authority

Coweta County Water Authority

Dekalb County Watershed Department

Douglasville Water Department

Fayette County Water System

Forsyth County Water Department

Fulton County Water Department

Gwinnett County Water Resource

Hall County Water Resource

Henry County Water Authority

Paulding County Water Department

Walton County Water and Sewer

Water Service Division

If you have any questions about discolored water or are having some problems with your water pipes, call Atlantis Plumbing today at 770-505-8570. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.