Should I Repipe My House?

Most homeowners only repipe their homes if they absolutely have to – after all – it’s not an inexpensive project! But there are multiple benefits to repiping and in our experience, most homeowners are happy that they did it. So, let’s go over some information you should know before you begin this project. How Often […]

Should You Buy A House With Polybutylene Pipes?

The short answer is NO – it’s not recommended unless the price of the house is so low that the cost of replacing those pipes is not a factor for you. If you are considering purchasing a house that was built between the late 1970’s and the mid 1990’s, polybutylene pipes may have been used […]

When I Flush My Toilet My Bathtub Fills Up

If you notice that your bathtub begins to fill up with water then that is a very strong indicator that you have a clog in your sewer line AND that the clog is probably located somewhere in the plumbing pipes between the toilet and the bathtub drain. Other signs that you’ve got a clog in […]

Why Do Toilets Wobble?

If you’re noticing that when you sit and/or get up from your toilet that it seems to wobble just a bit, or even alot – something has gone awry. Our recommendation is to not ignore it because it could end up costing you alot more later on to fix the problems that could occur due […]

Can Fish Go Down A Garbage Disposal?

There’s a very common mis-conception that the garbage disposal in many of our kitchens can be used as a type of food process for all kinds of leftovers. In actuality – it’s really meant to be used for very small amounts of food. So, can you put fish down a garbage disposal? – If the fish […]

How Do You Clear A Clogged Sewer Line?

A clogged sewer line affects all the toilets and drains in your home. It is a much more difficult problem to fix than just clearing a clog in a drain. In this article we’ll go over what you need to know about clogged sewer lines and what works to get them cleared out. How Do […]

How Quickly Does Mold Grow After Water Damage?

It can take 24-48 hours or less for mold to begin growing. The time factor depends on the weather conditions and where the water damage occurred in the home. Damp and dark environments like closets are a very common place where you may see mold. Does Mold Always Grow After A Leak? Yes, if there […]

My Dishwasher Is Filling Up With Water From My Sink

You may find that when you open your dishwasher to fill it back up with dishes, bowls, glasses and more that you see water sitting at the bottom of your dishwasher. Now, if the dishwasher has been off for several hours – there shouldn’t be water in there, right? Well, a very common reason that […]

What Do I Do If My Sewer Backs Up?

There are some plumbing issues that can be delayed for a little while but if you have problems with your sewer line – that’s an issue that needs to get fixed right away. So, what can you do if your sewer backs up? In the meantime, if you are up to the task of cleaning […]

Why Is My Septic Tank Beeping?

Most all septic tanks are installed with an alarm for the purpose of alerting you to the fact that the water level is higher or lower than it should be. If you hear the alarm – it does not necessarily mean that there is trouble. It could just be a temporary cause that is setting […]