If you're noticing that when you sit and/or get up from your toilet that it seems to wobble just a bit, or even alot - something has gone awry. Our recommendation is to not ignore it because it could end up costing you alot more later on to fix the problems that could occur due to a loose toilet.

Why Do Toilets Wobble?

What Causes A Wobbly Toilet?

There are a few reasons as to why a toilet would wobble.

  • it may be a sign that the floor underneath the toilet is damaged somehow
  • it could also mean that there's a broken toilet flange
  • it could be caused by loose toilet bolts
  • the wax ring under the toilet is too high.

Any of these issues could be what is causing your toilet to wobble.

How Do You Stop A Toilet From Wobbling?

So, how can this wobbly issue with your toilet be fixed? The solution depends, of course, on the cause of the problem. So, let's go over each one individually.

1. Floor underneath the toilet is damaged - this could be the case most often with toilets on the 2nd or 3rd floor. If there is structural damage below the toilet bowl itself, then this needs to be addressed and fixed.

2. A broken toilet flange - this is the pipe fitting that connects the toilet drain to the drain pipe and it also mounts the toilet to the floor. So it would be natural that if this product is defective or has been damaged or broken in any way, that it would cause the toilet to wobble. If this is the problem then replacing the toilet flange would be the solution.

3. Loose or broken toilet bolts - those bolts that ou see at the base of your toilet could have come loose or broken due to rust, corrosion or a defect of some kind. Removing these bolts and replacing them with new ones would be the solution to fixing that wobbly toilet.

4. The wax ring is too high - this usually means that when the toilet was installed and mounted, that the wax ring which is placed around where the toilet is mounted onto the toilet flange on the floor is too high. These wax rings come pre-constructed but if it's too high, it can be shaved a bit to fit perfectly onto the mount so that it's flat and tight and steady.

Can A Loose Toilet Cause A Leak?

Yes - it absolutely can! In fact, it can cause much more than that because if the chronic wobbling leads to a crack or break in the sewer line which would then cause a leak you would end up getting water damage in your bathroom as well. And if this bathroom is on the 2nd or 3rd floor of your home then the water damage could be quite extensive.

The bottom line is that if you have a wobbly toilet, get it fixed right away. Don't wait for further damage to occur.

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