These days, it seems more and more homeowners are deciding to stay in their homes and remodel to accommodate any changes in their living situations.

Those great remodeling ideas that you present to your contractor may only be able to happen if you can move your sewer pipes. So, can these be moved?

The short answer is yes – those pipes can be moved but it can be a lengthy and/or expensive project depending on how much has to be done in order to move them. This involves factors such as…

  • Location of the existing waste pipes (how easy is it to get to them, to move them and how easy is it to place them in the new location)
  • How much more length has to be added to the new sewer pipes (if it has to be extended)
  • If any parts of the sewer pipes need to be repaired and or replaced
  • If the job requires running the route through floor joists or other obstacles, it may take longer and become more expensive. Other obstacles could include things such as electrical cables, insulation, other types of pipes and structural material.

Moving Toilet Waste Pipes

If your remodeling idea only requires you to move a toilet a few inches from it’s current placement – then a plumber may be able to use an offset toilet flange to accomplish this task.

Otherwise, it may be necessary to move the sewer pipes to accommodate your design plan.

The issues involved are what I mentioned above – moving the toilet itself is easy enough but moving the sewer pipes that allow the toilet to function involve multiple factors and require expert contracting and plumbing skills to get the job done correctly.

How Much Does It Cost To Move Sewer Lines?

So many factors (as noted above) are involved in the process of moving sewer lines that the cost can vary greatly. The cost can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

We recommend that you contact a professional plumber – have them come out to assess the situation and they will be able to give you a proper quote for your specific project.

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