What Causes Burst Pipes In The Winter?

The reason your pipes freeze and burst is simply because of the standing water in them. Your water pipes will have water left in them even if you haven’t used them for awhile. If these pipes are not properly insulated, when the temperature gets to freezing or below – that water will freeze. And when […]

What Causes Water To Leak In My Yard?

Water leaking in your yard can be caused by a variety of factors, such as tree roots pushing up the ground and creating holes for water to seep through, clogged gutters or downspouts, or poor soil drainage. If you’re noticing water leaking in your yard, it’s time to take notice. Here are some of the […]

How Do I Know If My Sprinkler Head Is Leaking?

A leaky sprinkler head can be a nuisance! Inevitably you will begin to notice signs of a leak as it may drip water from the sides of the head. But there are other signs that you can look for that let you know that your sprinkler head may be leaking. 1. The ground around your […]

How Often Should You Change Braided Supply Lines?

If you’re looking under your sink or toilet or other fixture and you notice a tube or two that is textured, like a braid pattern – then you’ve found a braided supply line. This type of tube is a water supply line that can be used for both hot and cold water. They can be […]

Is There A Tool To Detect Water Leaks?

According to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, 40% of homeowners will deal with water damage at some point in their lives. This is five times more likely than burglary and six times more likely than fire! The bottom line: it’s important that you take care of your plumbing so there are no […]

My Shower Water Temperature Keeps Changing

It’s really annoying when you’re in the shower and your hot water suddenly cuts off. I’m sure everyone has been there before, right? It usually happens all of sudden with no warning – it can be so uncomfortable and frustrating! Some people just can’t seem to get enough of their morning shower, but if you’re […]

What Does My Water Meter Look Like?

Most water meters are found in the front yard of a residential home. They are in a metal box that is covered with a metal plate and are usually found by the curb or by the front sidewalk. The meter itself is about 3 or 4 inches in diameter and it usually has a digital […]

Why Is My Water Shut Off Valve Dripping?

One of the most common reasons you might notice a drip from your water shut off valve is simply that it’s old. Age can definitely cause some issues with these valves, but they are also the type of thing that gets affected by corrosion and other problems in the system. If you’re noticing constant dripping, […]

How Do I Check My Water Pressure Without A Gauge?

If you suspect that you may have a water pressure issue but you don’t have a pressure gauge – no worry. There are some simple ways that you can test your water pressure. Although, we do have to say, a pressure gauge is quite inexpensive and can be found in hardware stores, on Amazon, etc. […]

How Do I Find A Water Leak Between My House And My Meter?

If your water bill is higher than normal or if you notice that there are some water puddles in your yard (maybe from broken pipes) then you would be right to suspect a water leak. The first step is to identify where it might be. Identify Where The General Leak Is Coming From 1. Locate […]