If you’re looking under your sink or toilet or other fixture and you notice a tube or two that is textured, like a braid pattern – then you’ve found a braided supply line. This type of tube is a water supply line that can be used for both hot and cold water. They can be made of stainless steel or reinforced PVC.

They are both sturdy but flexible so they are excellent for use in small spaces like behind the dishwasher, washing machine, icemaker, toilets, sinks, etc.

But like most any other plumbing parts, they do wear out and will need to be replaced every so often.

How Often Should You Replaces These Braided Supply Lines?

The general rule of thumb is to replace all your supply line hoses every 5 years as a preventative measure to protect your home against any potential leaks. But since braided supply lines have a rubber core, we recommend that they can be replaced every 10 years.

Some leaks you will be able to notice right away like a leak from a washing machine or a water heater.

But other appliances like dishwashers and ice makers can be more subtle simply because they are often surrounded by other components of the appliance so they can be hidden from view and slight leaks can occur for quite a long time before they get big enough for you to notice that there’s a problem.

So, being proactive and replacing your braided supply line hoses every 10 years can help to prevent any potential damage to your appliances, your floors, etc.

How Much Bend Can A Braided Supply Line Have?

Most braided supply lines can provide you with enough flexibility to accommodate the space that you are installing it in. The trick is to avoid twisting and looping the line.

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