If your water bill is higher than normal or if you notice that there are some water puddles in your yard (maybe from broken pipes) then you would be right to suspect a water leak.

The first step is to identify where it might be.

  • Is it coming from somewhere in the house?
  • Is it coming from outdoors?

Identify Where The General Leak Is Coming From

1. Locate your home’s main shutoff valve and turn it clockwise to stop the flow of water coming into your house from reaching pipes in general.

2. Once you’ve shut the main water supply off, check to see if the leak indicator and sweep hand in your water meter are moving. If they’re not – then good job! You found your problem fast. This means the leak is inside your house somewhere.

3. If the indicator and sweep hand in the water meter are moving, then that means that the leak is somewhere outside the house.

The leak then could be….

  • In your irrigation system
  • In your outdoor pipes

How Do You Read A Water Meter?

There are two types of water meters and how to read them depends on the type that you have.

Analog water meters – These are the older models and can appear like a compass. So if you have one of these types of meters, you should see a triangle or a star element on the dial and it should be spinning.

The spinning element means that water is flowing through the meter.

Digital water meters – These show the numbers more like the mileage counter on your car. But there are multiple varieties of digital meters so you ma want to contact your water company to get detailed information on how to read your specific meter. (Or you may find the information on Youtube!)

Pinpoint The Source Of The Leak

So now the next step is to try to pinpoint where the leak is coming from outside, the sprinkler system or any of your outdoor plumbing.

Irrigation System or Pipes?

To check to see if the leak may be coming from somewhere along the sprinklers, do the following:

  • Turn off the water supply to your irrigation system.
  • Make sure there is no running water anywhere in your home.
  • Make sure to check all your outdoor spigots for leaks.
  • Check the water meter. If it’s running then you know the leak is somewhere along your sprinkler system.
  • If the water meter is not running, then you know that the leak is somewhere along your outdoor plumbing.

How To Get Outdoor Water Leaks Repaired

One of the most difficult issues to identify and fix is outdoor water leaks. They can be very complicated because the leaks can be under concrete slabs, they can involve a main water line and can be located in multiple spots along your plumbing.

A professional plumber can locate any outdoor water leaks, conduct repairs, and may be able to help you solve a problem with high water bills.

If you have any questions about water leaks in your home or are having some problems with it, call Atlantis Plumbing today at 770-505-8570. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.