How Often Should You Clean Out Sewer Line?

The general rule of thumb is that sewer lines should be cleaned out every 18 – 22 months. But the truth is, most homeowners get their sewers cleaned out on an as needed basis. The problem with cleaning out the sewer line after it’s clogged is that the cost of the cleaning can go up. […]

How To Find a Water Leak Underground

You just got your water bill and it’s double what it was last month! If you haven’t seen any obvious signs of a water leak, then this may be your first clue that you have a water leak either underground or somewhere in your home. What do you do? The first thing you can do […]

Can Sewer Pipes Freeze?

Yes, sewer pipes can freeze if they are not property insulated or poorly installed. Note that in general, storm sewer lines are more likely to freeze than sanitary sewer lines. The reason is that sanitary sewer lines carry hot water and they generally draw heat from the public sewer system. Here, in Georgia we don’t […]

How To Turn Off Water To Hot Water Heater

There are three main reasons why you would need to turn off the water to your hot water heater… Whatever the reason is – here are easy to follow steps on how to turn off the water to your hot water heater. After The Water Heater Has Been Turned Off If you are replacing the […]

Should I Tip My Plumber?

Whether you are using a plumber or an electrician or other maintenance personnel for a scheduled appointment or an emergency call – the standard rule of thumb is that no tipping is required. It’s not expected and is not the norm. In fact, skilled craftsmen or technicians such as painters, alarm service techs, handymen, appliance […]

Why Is The Water Pressure Low In My Shower?

Low water pressure in your shower won’t wake you up and it doesn’t leave you feeling clean after you’re done. But why is the water pressure low? The answer is there can be one or several culprits. The solution to your low water pressure problems can be a simple fix depending on the cause of […]

What Are Some Ways To Save Water?

World Water Day is March 22nd! There are many ways that you can save the precious commodity of water and save on your water bill as well. World Water Day is a day set aside every year to focus attention on the essential need for access to clean water, worldwide. Here, in the USA – […]

Are Your Old Cast Iron Pipes Causing Your Plumbing Problems?

If your home was built before 1970, the likelihood that the pipes are made of cast iron is very high. If you’re having problems with your plumbing, you may want to have a professional plumber look at these older pipes to ensure that they are still intact. The use of cast iron pipes in plumbing […]

What Not To Put In Your Garbage Disposal

One of the most used items in your kitchen is probably your garbage disposal. Most of us use it at least once a day and if you have a family, you’ll more than likely use it several times a day. We love our garbage disposals. For the most part – they work wonderfully. Until of […]

What Dissolves Calcium Buildup in Drains?

Calcium buildup is normally identified by signs of hard water deposits or stains. If you know that you live in an area that has hard water, the chances of you having calcium buildup in your pipes is much higher. Another possible sign of calcium buildup is if you find white film on surfaces such as […]