Low water pressure in your shower won’t wake you up and it doesn’t leave you feeling clean after you’re done. But why is the water pressure low? The answer is there can be one or several culprits.

The solution to your low water pressure problems can be a simple fix depending on the cause of the problem.

It doesn’t necessarily always mean that there’s an upcoming expensive plumbing project.

So, here’s a list of reasons as to why your shower’s water pressure may be low.

  1. Adjust Your Shower Head – These days, the newer shower heads are equipped with a washer to lessen the flow of water. It’s important to save water so we all agree this is a good thing. But sometimes, the manufacturer takes it just a bit too far and as a result – you end up with low water pressure. The solution is to remove the washer from the shower head and widen it with a drill. Do so carefully and slightly – and test it after each attempt. Once you have the desired water pressure you need – you can stop.
  2. Clogged Shower Head – Of course, it may also be that your shower head is clogged. You want to remove the head and inspect it for any kind of blockage. You can clean the shower head with white vinegar.
  3. Check Your Curb-side Main – If this has been a chronic issue or you just moved into a new home and you notice the shower pressure is low – the problem may be throughout the house. So, check that your curb-side main water meter is completely turned on. If it’s locked (some cities won’t allow you to mess with the main water meter) contact your water department to send someone out to help you.
  4. Water Main Valve – you will also want to check your water main valve. It may also not be turned on all the way.
  5. Problem With Your Pipe(s) – Finally, if you’ve tried everything else and you’re still experiencing low water pressure – the problem may be in your pipes. You will need professional plumbers to come in and inspect the pipes in your home to find where the problem specifically is. You may need pipe repair or replacement.

In Conclusion

You don’t have to live with low water pressure in your shower – there are solutions out there. From simple fixes to more complex repairs – the problem can be resolved. If you have any questions about your low water pressure in your home, contact us today.

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