Is your Atlanta home experiencing the unwelcome sounds of gurgling pipes? Worry not, your trusted, neighborhood water pipe replacement experts are here to navigate the storms and restore your peace of mind.

Common Symptoms of Water Pipe Problems

Your plumbing is one of the most vital systems within your home. While you may think of the pipes that run to your bathtub, sinks, and hot water heater; there are many more pipes that are hidden that are just as vital.

You have a complex sewer pipe system that runs underneath your home. There are also a series of water lines to consider. While some people think that pipes are supposed to last forever, there comes a time when pipe replacement should be considered. Here are some common reasons why the pipes may have ran their life expectancy.

High Water Bills

If you suddenly find your water bill is much higher than normal, checking for water leaks in your home should be a priority. Sometimes it's such a slow leak, that the higher bill is barely noticeable. Over time however, the cost can become substantial.

A plumbing leak can also stay the same for a very long period of time or in some cases grow and become extremely obvious when the water bill is double or triple the usual amount. The newspapers in Atlanta and Surrounding communities have had many stories of homeowners opening up a water bill for thousands of dollars! Don't expect the water company to cut you a break, especially if the signs where already there.

The Water is Discolored Coming Out of Pipes

Whether you have just bought a home, or if you have lived there for years, murky colored water coming out of the tap is a sign for concern. One of the first things you need to do is see if there is a water main break in the area. If a pipe has broken and the city is working on it, it can affect your watercolor.

In this case, it would clear up in a few hours or days. If you have hard water and you are seeing this color, your softener may not be working properly. Those with well water often get discolored water when their softening systems aren't working right.

There could be a pipe broken inside the home, or the pipes may be old and need to be replaced. Pipes will start to break down over time and develop various week spots. Also, it is important to remember that all the chemicals inside the water will settle into the pipes and form a coating called sediment.

This sediment is often rust colored and can have a big impact on your water quality. The use of Polybutylene in Georgia homes that were built from the 70's to the 90s also has contributed to many problems.

Loss of Water Pressure

A loss of water pressure is alarming and annoying to deal with. This often occurs when a water line is broken. It could be a leak underground or in the home. If the city is working on the lines, this is most definitely the cause of loss of pressure in the short term.

With proper leak detection and an overall plumbing evaluation of your water lines, we can make sure your waterlines are working properly. We have performed thousands of water line replacements throughout metro Atlanta.