World Water Day is March 22nd! There are many ways that you can save the precious commodity of water and save on your water bill as well.

World Water Day is a day set aside every year to focus attention on the essential need for access to clean water, worldwide.

Here, in the USA – we don’t often feel the effects of lack of clean water (unless you’ve been affected like the folks in Flint, Michigan. So, it’s easy to take this resource for granted.

It’s a day where we all can take a moment to understand how we can save this precious resource.

Wherever you use water, your laundry room, your bathroom, your kitchen or your outdoors – there are things that you can do to save this precious commodity.

Recommendations On How To Save Water

  1. Don’t Run Your Dishwasher Unless It’s Full – it may seem like such a simple tip but too often, we tend to stick to a schedule and run the dishwasher every night or morning but if you can wait until the dishwasher is full – you will save gallons and gallons of water.
  2. Hand Washing Dishes – If you wash your dishes by hand – instead of doing so each time which forces you to run your faucet – fill your sink with water and let your dishes soak and then wash them all at the same time.
  3. Turn Off The Tap – Most of us leave the water running while we’re washing our hands with soap, brushing our teeth, etc. But turning off the water tap during these activities will save you gallons.
  4. Time Your Showers – Most of us love to linger in the shower. But did you know that your shower head spills out as much as 5 gallons of water per MINUTE! So, cutting down the time you spend in there under that running water will save the planet’s water supply and give you significant savings on your water bill.
  5. Shower Buckets – If you want to get serious about saving water then put some large buckets in your shower. They will fill up with water as you wait for your water to heat up. You can then use this water for your plants, to flush your toilets, etc.
  6. Shower Like The Europeans – Depending on your level of activity each day – you can skip a shower from time to time.
  7. Maintain Your Pipes and Fix Your Leaks – There’s no doubt that a broken pipe can waste water and cost you a good chunk of change every month. A good way to identify if you have a leaky pipe is an Ultrasonic Leak Detection service which is non-invasive method.
  8. Save Your Pasta or Vegetable Cooking Water – Another tip for those who are serious about saving water is to save the water that you cook your pasta and/or vegetables in. Let the water cool down and use this water for your plants.
  9. DIY vs Car Wash Service – Use a car wash service that recycles their water instead of using your own water supply.
  10. New Fixtures – These days there’s no lack of fixtures that can save water and end up saving you some money. Aerated faucets, low flow toilets, efficient shower heads, etc. There are many water saving fixtures that you can find in your local hardware store.
  11. Landscape To Save – The more grass and water hungry plants that you have – the more water you will need to use. Reducing the amount of yard or opting for a xeriscaped yard will save you time and money in the long run.
  12. Rain Barrels – Legal or Not? – In Georgia, the laws do permit rain water harvesting as long as it’s used for outdoor use only. But, each county / city has their own restrictions on the use of rain barrels so we encourage you to check with your city first to see if there are any restrictions. You can also read the Georgia Rainwater Harvesting Guidelines put out by the state government.
  13. Reuse Your Pet’s Water Bowl – When you give your pet fresh water every day – don’t just dump the old water down the drain, instead use it to water your plants.
  14. Cut Down On Electricity – Electrical plants use water to produce steam for generating electricity – so the less electricity we use – the less water is needed.

In Conclusion

Learning how to save water for the environment and your wallet is just about picking up new habits. We encourage you to begin saving today. If you have any questions about more efficient plumbing fixtures or need to have your water pipes checked for leaks – contact us today.

If you’re in the Atlanta, Georgia area and are searching for ways to save water and on your water bill, call us at Atlantis Plumbing today at 770-505-8570. Call anytime, 24/7. We are here to help.