How To Use A Toilet Auger

A toilet auger is a flexible rod that has a curved end. Clogs found in the traps of toilets are removed with an auger. It’s also known as Drain Snakes and they are very common tools that plumbers and experienced (and handy) homeowners have in their toolboxes. It’s most often used if a toilet plunger […]

The Best Way To Winterize Hose Bibs

We are very lucky here in Georgia that our winters are not severe. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have to winterize our plumbing. With temperatures going below freezing several times each winter – it’s important to prepare your home and it’s plumbing so that you avoid cracked pipes and leaks. So, here is are […]

The Pros And Cons Of Hands Free Faucets

Several years ago the availability of hands free (aka sensor) faucets expanded and homeowners began incorporating them into their kitchens and bathrooms. The majority of them are still seen in commercial bathrooms but as more and more homeowners renovate and update their homes, these new faucets are beginning to pop up everywhere. But, before you […]

Can You Have A Garbage Disposal With A Septic System?

The short answer is “yes” but there are precautions to be taken if you have both a garbage disposal unit and are on a septic system. When you put a food item in your garbage disposal, it ends up going somewhere. If you are on your city’s sewer system, all that food ends up going […]

How Do Tree Roots Get Into Pipes?

The tips of tree roots can naturally detect the slightest differences in the level of moisture nearby so they are naturally attracted to the warm water flow that is in sewer pipes in your yard. They will then grow in the direction of that water source and begin the process of searching for a way […]

Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Toilet

It may seem like toilets last forever, but they don’t. At some point, they will begin to give you so much trouble that you will have to replace them. But how do you know when it’s actually time to replace one of your toilets? Here’s our list of the 5 signs to look out for. […]

Can Sump Pumps Be Installed Outside?

If you have never seen a sump pump, you may be imagining that it is a very large piece of machinery, like a big generator. But the truth is, they are around 2 feet in height and less than that in width. They are often buried in a hole (aka pit) in the basement or […]

Do Tankless Water Heaters Need To Be Vented?

You may be under the impression that tankless water heaters do not require venting – but they do. In fact, once you’ve decided which tankless water heater to install, the decisions on how to vent it are the most important decisions you will make. You see, indoor tankless units require two types of venting. One […]

How Much Water Does A Water Saving Shower Head Save?

You’re looking to save money on your water bill, that’s smart. In addition, you’re helping to conserve on water which is generally a very good thing to do for your community and the environment. Whenever we can use less water that comes from rivers, bays, etc. we’re helping to keep the environment healthier and we’re […]

How to Find Your Septic Tank

You may have just purchased a home that has a septic tank or perhaps you’ve just never taken the time or interest to locate the septic tank on your property. No worries, many homeowners with septic tanks do not know where they are located. So, exactly how do you find your septic tank?- The tools you […]