Several years ago the availability of hands free (aka sensor) faucets expanded and homeowners began incorporating them into their kitchens and bathrooms.

The majority of them are still seen in commercial bathrooms but as more and more homeowners renovate and update their homes, these new faucets are beginning to pop up everywhere.

But, before you go out and purchase one – you should know the pros and cons to make sure that they are a right fit for your home and lifestyle.

Benefits Of Hands Free (Sensor) Faucets

  1. More hygienic – one of the main reasons these types of faucets became so popular in commercial (and now residential) kitchens and bathrooms is because they make it very easy for the user to avoid having to touch anything that may carry germs.
  2. Water conservation – since the flow of water only begins once the sensor is activated (and stops at a certain point) the amount of water used will normally be much less than from a standard faucet which normally has water running the entire time.
  3. Convenience – when you’re busy in the kitchen chopping things and handling food, nothing is easier than just waving your hand over the faucet to turn it on.

Disadvantages of Hands Free (Sensor) Faucets

  1. More expensive – usually the number one reason most homeowners do not choose a hands free faucet is because it simply costs more than the standard ones we’ve been using for many years.
  2. Doesn’t always work well – most of us have had the experience of waving our hands over and over a hands free faucet in the bathroom at a restaurant trying to get it t turn on (or sometimes to turn off). Truth is, like most anything with lots of moving parts – sometimes they just don’t work well – or at all.
  3. Loss of electricity = non working faucet – because these faucets require the sensor to turn them on and because the sensor relies on electricity to work – if there is no electricity then the faucet will not work. So, if you live in an area that loses power frequently – these types of faucets are not for you.
  4. Proper insulation – if you are thinking of using a hands free faucet with a metal sink, make sure that you use the proper insulation for the faucet otherwise everytime you touch the sink – the faucet will turn on.
  5. Temperature Changes – most hands free faucets come with one temperature setting (warm) so if you need hot water or cold water – this would not be a good faucet for that particular sink.

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