We are very lucky here in Georgia that our winters are not severe. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have to winterize our plumbing.

With temperatures going below freezing several times each winter – it’s important to prepare your home and it’s plumbing so that you avoid cracked pipes and leaks.

So, here is are the simple steps on how you can best prepare your hose bibs for winter.

  • Locate the shut off valve for your exterior hose bibs. This is usually in the garage of most homes normally close to the outdoor faucet of your home.
  • Turn off this shut off valve.
  • Remove any hoses that are attached to the hose bib and store them away for the winter.
  • Once the hoses are removed, turn on your outdoor faucet all the way so that any remaining water in those pipes is released. Let it drip for about 1 minute until you are sure that all the water is out.
  • Turn off your outdoor faucet once the water has all been released.
  • You can go the extra mile and use any of the products available today to cover your hose bib for the winter OR you can upgrade your faucet to a frost proof model.

These very simple steps should be done every winter before the first sign of freezing temperatures.

You can read more about common winter plumbing problems here.

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