How Do I Get Dog Hair Out Of My Bathtub?

Every dog owner knows the trials and tribulations of dealing with dog hair on furniture, on the floor, etc. If they bathe their fur babies in their bathtubs or sinks, then they know all to well the problems with clogged drains due to the usually major loss of dog hair during the bath. Here are […]

Can Air In Pipes Cause Water Hammer?

You turn on your dishwasher or washing machine or sprinklers or any water faucet in your home and a few minutes in you hear a very loud bang or series of banging noises! What could be causing the noises? It could either be air in the pipes or water hammer. There’s no way to know […]

Can Hard Water Cause Plumbing Problems?

Hard water is a very common problem in many households throughout the USA. Here in Georgia, we only have to deal with slightly hard water according to the Water Hardiness Map of the United States. Water is labeled as “hard” when the most common minerals found in the water are calcium and magnesium. This generally is […]

How To Check The Plumbing When Buying A House

These days, home buyers are more educated than in previous year (and they should be!). We would love to say that we get phone calls to inspect the plumbing in homes “before” the buyer signs on the dotted line but unfortunately, that is not the case. Especially if you are buying an older home (any […]

Should Galvanized Plumbing Be Replaced?

These days, galvanized (iron) pipes are not often used and if they are in your home, it’s probably because your home was built before 1970. The only reason to replace plumbing pipes in your home is because they are causing a problem such as clogs or there’s so much deterioration and rust in the pipe […]

What Are The Signs Of A Sewage Backup?

There are some very specific tell-tale signs that your home is experiencing a sewage backup. What Causes Sewage Blockages? The main cause of sewage blockage are objects and debris but also a buildup of grease. But often, in the Atlanta, Ga. area we do find that another main cause are tree roots that tend to […]

Homemade Drain Cleaners That Work

We all experience clogged drains now and then. If it’s a small clog – drain cleaners can sometimes help. But if the clog is large enough – you may have to call in a professional plumber to clear out the pipe or to find the source of the clog. Note: If you have a garbage […]

My Toilet Is Not Flushing All The Way

Some plumbing problems seem to come on suddenly while others show clear signs that something is going wrong but it’s coming in bits and pieces. Flushing problems with your toilets are one of those slow coming signs that an issue is brewing. As with most plumbing problems, if you notice a small problem – get […]

How To Adjust The Water Level In A Toilet Bowl

If you notice that the water level in your toilet bowl is too low or too high, there are ways that you can adjust it. But first you should know that these are usually signs of some trouble that is starting to brew. Reasons Why Your Toilet Bowl Water Level Is Low Reasons Why Your […]

How To Prevent Sewer Backup

The diameter of a standard sewer pipe is 6 inches – so it’s not very common that clogs occur because of something that was thrown down the toilet or drain. Of course – it can happen – we’re just saying it’s not the most common reason for sewer pipes to get clogged. What IS the […]