Every dog owner knows the trials and tribulations of dealing with dog hair on furniture, on the floor, etc.

If they bathe their fur babies in their bathtubs or sinks, then they know all to well the problems with clogged drains due to the usually major loss of dog hair during the bath.

Here are some tips on how you can pet proof and save your plumbing from the inevitable clogs that can be caused due to your loving pet’s hair.

  • Brush your dog (if you can) before bathtime. This is very helpful to remove as much loose hair as possible. And can also help to remove matted and knotted hair, especially if you have a long hair dog.
  • Deshedding your dog may also be very useful, especially if he normally loses alot of hair. There are deshedding tools that you can purchase from your favorite pet store or Amazon.
  • Right after the bath – use a product like Liquid Plumbr after every bath. This helps to prevent a clog. Please do not use this product (or any of these types of products) while your dog is still in the bathtub!
  • Use a drain protector specifically for catching hair in the bathtub. You can find these at your local hardward store or Amazon.
  • Of course, if you can avoid the bathtub / sink altogether and bathe your dog outside that would be the best for your plumbing system.
  • If you have a small dog, bathing them in the sink inside a plastic tub will also help to prevent hair from going down the drain and eventually causing a clog.

We all love our wonderful pets and taking the time to make sure that caring for them doesn’t become a burden will help you to love them even more.

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