How Do You Fix A Humming Garbage Disposal?

An indication that something is jamming your garbage disposal unit is if you turn it on and hear a humming noise. So, the problem (when you hear humming) is that something is stuck in your garbage disposal. One of the most common calls we get here at Atlantis Plumbing in Georgia is to unclog a […]

Do Flushable Wipes Cause Plumbing Problems?

There are many commercials on TV and products on the shelves for flushable wipes targeting not just infants but everyone! Manufacturers of these wipes report that they are flushable, which technically is true. You CAN flush them down the toilet, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. To answer the question “Do flushable wipes […]

Can Cooking Oil Be Recycled?

Many plumbers will warn you to avoid pouring grease or oil down your sink drains and garbage disposals. Most of us think of grease as liquid and assume it’s okay to pour it down your drain or your kitchen’s garbage disposal. But – we would be wrong. The problem is that once that grease cools, […]

Does Vinegar Clean Hard Water Stains?

Many conscious homeowners these days are trying to use non-chemical products to clean their homes. Baking soda and vinegar are the two most used. Here in Georgia, we are fortunate to have only slightly hard water. Believe it or not, hard water is a very common problem in many homes. Essentially, hard water has a […]

How To Prepare Your Plumbing For Winter

Most anyone who lives in an area that gets winter weather knows that there are certain things you must do in order to winterize your plumbing. Doing them will save you money and time in the springtime when everything thaws out! Although we don’t have the severe type of winters that our northern friends do, […]

Do I Really Need To Flush My Water Heater?

The majority of homeowners never flush their water heater. It’s just one of those appliance maintenance issues that tends to fall by the wayside. But, the truth is, most water heater manufacturers recommend flushing the water heater on a regular basis. For most water heaters this means yearly. What Does Flushing A Water Heater Do? […]

How To Remove Rust Stains From The Toilet Bowl

Here in Georgia it’s very common to see a red ring in your toilet bowl (and anywhere else there is standing water). With all the red clay in our soil here, it’s just a part of Georgia living. But if the red that you are seeing in your toilet bowl is rust, well, that needs […]

Water Is Seeping Through My Basement Floor Cracks

Many homes here in Georgia have basements and we whether they are finished basements or not, cracks and water seepage can occur. If you’re having problems with water coming through the cracks of your basement floor, here are some tips on what you can do. Where Is The Water Coming From? Before you do anything, […]

Can You Bury Gas Pipes In Concrete?

Sometimes, gas pipes have to be buried in concrete but there are certain protocols to follow. 1) A pipe (aka casing sleeve) must be layed in the concrete for the gas line to be placed in. This makes it easier to fix any future problems with the gas line (if need be) and reduces the […]

Do Plumbers Install Gas Lines?

Plumbers are mostly called in for leaky pipes, problems with toilets and showers and water heaters but most homeowners don’t realize that specialty plumbers are trained to install and maintain gas lines. Do All Plumbers Work On Gas Lines? Absolutely not. Plumbers who are trained and licensed to work with natural gas have the expertise […]