The majority of homeowners never flush their water heater. It’s just one of those appliance maintenance issues that tends to fall by the wayside.

But, the truth is, most water heater manufacturers recommend flushing the water heater on a regular basis. For most water heaters this means yearly.

What Does Flushing A Water Heater Do?

Sediment naturally accumulates in any body of water that sits in one place for a long time. Water in your water heater does just that. The particles and minerals in the water begin to settle and fall to the bottom of the heater.

If the sediment hardens it can cause problems in your water heater which in turn could decrease the lifespan of your unit.

Flushing your water heater has several benefits which include:

  1. Improves or maintains the efficiency of your unit which in turn keeps your hot water running smoothly.
  2. Helps to keep your water heater from possibly leaking or exploding. The sediment buildup can block the pressure relief valve which would cause these incidents to happen.
  3. Reduces your energy cost. Because your water heater runs less efficiently due to sediment buildup you could be spending more money on your water bill than necessary.
  4. Your water heater will run more smoothly (less noisy) and you can avoid foul smelling odors that are sometimes caused by stagnant water in your heater.

We do recommend flushing out your water heater yearly and although you can try to flush your unit yourself, we do recommend having a professional plumber do it. The water coming out of the unit can be very hot

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