A toilet auger is a flexible rod that has a curved end. Clogs found in the traps of toilets are removed with an auger.

How To Use A Toilet Auger

It's also known as Drain Snakes and they are very common tools that plumbers and experienced (and handy) homeowners have in their toolboxes. It's most often used if a toilet plunger doesn't work. The auger is the second tool of choice to unclog toilet blockages.

They are normally a very effective method of unclogging drains in bathtubs, toilets and sinks.

5 Different Types Of Augers

For General Drain Clogs - we recommend Cable or Drain Augers. These have a fairly long and flexible cable that a corkscrew object attached at the end. The cable is wrapped in a canister of sorts and to use this type of drain snake you manually turn the handle on the canister to release more and more of the cable.

For Clogs In Small Water Pipes - if your water pipes are 2 inches or less in diameter, then a Flat Tape Auger is the best one for you.

For Clogs That Need More Power - if you can't manage a manual crank or you just need more "power" then a Power Auger is your best bet. These drain snakes either come with their own built in motor or you can attach them to a power drill.

The Professional Plumbers Choice - the pros at plumbing use Rocket Nozzle Augers. Here at Atlantis Plumbing we use these powerful tools for hydro jet drain cleaning because it is a very effective and efficient technique to clean out drains, pipes, downspouts and sewer lines.

For Unclogging Blocked Toilet Bowls - the specific Auger for toilet bowls is called a Toilet Closet Auger. These snake drains can be manual or powered and they are designed specifically to be more flexible so they can be maneuvered through the curves of the toilet bowl.

How Does The Toilet Auger Work?

Using the toilet auger is very simple. It looks like a short fishing pole but instead of fishing line, it has a thick flexible cable wire that is expanded either manually or powered by a battery or electricity.

The user feeds the cable wire through the toilet drain and hopefully, it will dislodge the clog.

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