Find the most efficient and cost-effective solution to your sewer problem with professional. pinpoint-accurate sewer camera inspection from Atlantis Plumbing.

  • Why is my drain backing up when I just had it snaked three months ago?
  • Why are my drains going down so slowly?
  • Why is there a wet spot in my yard?
  • Why is my toilet bubbling?

Well the answer to these questions, until recently, was strictly a guess. Of course, there were indicators, like roots on a sewer cable, mud on the sewer cable and similar obvious symptoms. but critical factors such as location, depth and extent of the problem were strictly for speculation. Camera pipe inspection is a relatively new tool available to plumbing contractors for diagnosing chronic sewer and drain problems. (Pipe cameras have been around for over 20 years but just recently technological advancements have allowed the price of camera equipment to be affordable to your neighborhood plumbing and drain contractor).

Free pipe camera inspection with sewer clearing

Atlantis Plumbing has both regular and mini pipe cameras, which can be used on pipes from 2″ up to 10″ in diameter. We have the ability to give the depth and location of the pipe that we are inspecting, and can give you a color video (with audio) upon request. The most common problems we encounter with the pipe cameras are separated joints, improperly sloped pipes, nails in pipes, roots in the sewer tap, buried jammed backflow devices and damage caused by soil settlement (typically next to the house).

Sewer Camera Inspection Can Locate:

  • Broken pipes, Cracked pipes, Collapsed pipes
  • Buried backflow devices and buried cleanouts
  • Foreign objects in pipes
  • Off grade pipe (no slope or a "belly in the pipe")
  • Leaking joints and offset joints
  • Root obstruction and Infiltration
  • Blockages and Corrosion
  • Sewer taps

Sewer Camera Inspection Can Inspect:

  • House & service laterals
  • House clean-outs
  • Drain lines and septic tank lines
  • Vent stacks, utility ducts, HVAC ducts
  • Service conduits
  • Water lines, floor drains, yard drains
  • Chimneys and flues