If you are building a new home or if you're in the situation where you have to re-plumb your home to any degree, you may be faced with the question of what kind of piping to use? After you've discussed it with your plumber and neighbors you may come down to making a decision between pex piping and copper piping.

Pex pipe installation in Atlanta Ga.

So, what are the differences and similarities of pex pipes vs. copper pipes? answer goes here

Pros And Cons Of Pex vs Copper

Pex plumbing may be new to many homeowners in 2018 but it's actually been used in North American for over 40 years. It was first installed for the purpose of radiant floor heating and in 1993 it made it's way to the general plumbing market.

There are multiple pros and cons to both pex and copper. We recommend you discuss these with your plumber to make the best decision for your home.

Pex Piping ProsPex Piping Cons
Easy to install.Not suitable piping for outdoors.
Can be used along with other types of piping.Not recyclable.
More resistant to freezing and bursting.Higher chances of pesticides, oil and other contaminants permeating through the pex material.
Can be used with both hot and cold water.Average lifespan of 40 years which is less than copper.
It's flexibility means it doesn't need couplings or fittings to bend around corners.Mice and other rodents can easily chew threw it.
Less expensive than copper piping. 

Copper Piping ProsCopper Piping Cons
Average lifespan of 70 years, which is more than pex.More expensive.
Very durable.Prone to bursing in freezing weather.
Bacteria resistant.Can develope pinhole leaks if conditions are acidic or corrosive.
More resistant to corrosion than other metal pipes.More difficult to install than Pex tubing.
Very suitable for outdoors.Water may develope a metallic taste.

Pex Plumbing Disadvantages

Generally, pex plumbing is an excellent product for residential water lines, sewage, heating, cooling systems and more. It's cheaper than copper piping and it's much easier to install. But, it's not all rosy. There are some disadvantages to using pex as we've listed above.

Copper pipe installation in Atlanta Ga.

One of the cons that we listed is that pex piping is not suitable for outdoors. What we mean is that it should not be exposed to sunlight. That is a big disadvantage over other types of piping.

The reason for this is that when pex is exposed to sunlight, it begins to disintegrate. The piping then becomes brittle, cracks, ruptures and leaks ensue.

BUT - this does not mean that pex cannot be used underground. Pex can be used underground. It should be buried below the frost line and it's best if it's bedded in sand or stone dust.

Another disadvantage that many homeowners may not consider is that if you live in a wooded area or near the ocean, any location where there is a higher than average incidence of mice and rodents, then pex piping may not be suitable for your home.

It's very easy for animals to chew threw pex piping, and they will if they can access it. This of course will cause leaking and can result in some major water damage to your home.

Pex vs Copper Lifespan

Admittedly, the "facts" on the lifespan of pex do vary a bit. According to PexUniverse.com and Wikipedia, pex's life expectancy is anywhere from 40 to 50 years. It's not a huge difference and frankly, the liefespan estimates of most materials will always have variations depending on the conditions they are in, the amount and type of usage and other environmental factors.

Copper lifespans are much longer, an average of 50 to 70 years which can be advantage over pex.

Here's a list of the life expectancies of all the plumbing piping materials available.
  • Brass - 50 to 70+ years
  • Copper - 70 years
  • Galvanized Steel - 20 to 50 years
  • Cast Iron - 50 to 60 years
  • Pex Tubing - 40 years
  • PVC - 50 to 80 years
  • CPVC - 50 to 75 years

Having this information will help you make a better decision as to what type of piping to use for your home or business.

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