PEX pipes, also known as Cross-linked polyethylene pipes are commonly used for residential water lines but can also be used for sewage, chemical transport, heating and cooling systems and more. It's used as an alternative to PVC, CPVC or copper tubing. It's also known as PEX tubing.

Pex pipe installation in Atlanta GA.

If you haven't heard of PEX or are unfamiliar with the product and your plumber is recommending it, you may be wondering...

Can pex pipes be used underground? - The answer is YES - It can be used underground. It should be buried below the frost line and best if bedded in sand or stone dust.

The Advantages Of Using PEX Tubing are:

  • It's very flexible
  • It comes in long coils so it requires less fittings
  • It tolerates temperatures well
  • It's less expensive than PVC, CPVC or copper

Will PEX Pipes Freeze and Bust?

PEX pipes have a slight advantage over Copper, PVC and CPVC pipes when it comes to tolerating freezing weather.

Generally, if the temperature falls below 20 degrees Fahrenheit ice will form in water lines and pipes will freeze.

Any pipe can freeze if the temperature gets cold enough, and many do. But PEX pipes are flexible and as a result, they will expand a bit during freezes making them less likely to burst.

The durability and flexibility of PEX tubing has been tested for over 50 years. Although PEX has only been approved in the USA since 2010 (California was the first state) it has been successfully used in Europe since the 1960's.

Can PEX Pipes Be Used Outside?

PEX piping is NOT recommended for outdoor use unless it is buried or protected somehow such as wrapping it in insulation. The reason is because it deteroriates when exposed to continuous UV rays (sunlight). For outdoor piping we recommend using Copper pipes.

Can PEX Be Buried In Concrete?

Yes. The high density polyethylene (HDPE) material in PEX is durable enough to tolerate being buried in concrete. Most often, PEX tubing is used in radiant heating under tile floors. Of course, there are exceptions depending on the chemistry of the concrete being used. We recommend you discuss the question with your plumber.

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