How Often Should Septic Tanks Be Inspected?

If you own a home, or perhaps just purchased a home with a septic tank – make sure to add regular inspections of that tank to your household maintenance checklist. We recommend that if your household is 4 people or less, then have your septic tank inspected every 4 years. If your household is 5 […]

Upstairs Bathroom Shower is Leaking Through The Ceiling

Whether you’re in a brand new home or an older home – seeing a wet spot or a downright leak in your downstairs ceiling just below your shower is very disturbing. The most common causes are the shower pan and/or a drain pipe. Of course, if the leak is severe enough that you need to […]

How To Keep Pex Pipes From Freezing

Generally, if the temperature falls below 20 degrees Fahrenheit ice will form in water lines and pipes will freeze. Years ago when copper and steel pipes were all the rage, homeowners had a series of precautions they adhered to in order to keep these types of pipes from freezing and eventually bursing. Any pipe can […]

Are Polybutylene Pipes A Problem?

If your home or commercial building was built between the late 1970’s and the mid 1990’s, polybutylene pipes may have been and may still be there. So, are polybutylene pipes a problem? The short answer is YES. They are a financial risk and a health risk. They have a life span of 10 to 15 years (the […]

Why Is My Water Brown All Of A Sudden?

Seeing brown water come out of your tap or shower into your sink or bathtub can be alarming. But don’t panic, it’s not always the worst case scenario. Of course, you are wondering what’s happening? Why is my water brown all of a sudden? What’s causing that? Generally, the discoloration in your water system is […]

What Does A Sump Pump Do?

The purpose of a sump pump is to help to prevent flooding in a lower level floor like a basement. They are an essential piece of equipment if the foundation of the home sits below the water table. Sump pumps pull water away from the house and depending on your property, either disperses it or […]

Do Water Heater Expansion Tanks Go Bad?

In Georgia, water heater expansion tanks (aka Thermal expansion tanks) are required on new water heaters. Like most appliances in your home – expansion tanks do have a lifespan so at some point – they will need to be replaced. The average lifespan of an expansion tank is between 5 to 10 years. What Is […]

Can A Clogged Vent Cause A Toilet To Overflow?

Sewer vents are located on the roof of your house. They allow the gases that build up in your sewer system to escape. So, the question then is can a clogged vent cause a toilet to overflow? If a vent that is attached to your sewer system and your toilet is clogged, it can cause the […]

Are Septic Tanks Plastic?

Septic tanks are not commonly found in a large city like Atlanta – they are more often than not found in rural or suburban areas. A great majority of the plumbing services we provide are in these types of areas surrounding Atlanta, Ga. So, we often get questions about the fabrication and construction of septic […]

Can Septic Tanks Be Pumped In The Winter?

Winter weather varies greatly in Georgia. The southern part of the state rarely sees winter temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit whereas northern Georgia regularly sees temperatures in the low 20’s during the winter. Here, in the Atlanta area where we provide plumbing services to our customers, the winters can be very mild with only the […]