What Causes Loss Of Water Pressure When Toilet Is Flushed?

The loss of water pressure combined with a toilet being flushed is often due to… So, how do you identify which of these is the cause of the decreased water pressure? There’s a very easy test to see if the problem is coming from the toilet or elsewhere. Is The Toilet Causing The Low Pressure? […]

What Causes A Bathtub Drain To Leak?

Bathtub drains do just what they are named after – they drain the water from the bathtub TO the horizontal drain pipe beneath the floor. When it comes to leaks from the bathtub drain, oftentimes the leak is one that has been ongoing for quite some time without being detected. This, of course can easily […]

Why Is My Dishwasher Making A Knocking Noise?

Dishwashers can be noisy – it takes a bit of homework to find dishwashers that are generally quiet. But there are different kinds of noises that dishwashers make and if you know the differences between them, you’ll save yourself some time worrying if that noise is the sound of a problem. 12 Different Noises Your […]

Why Is My Refrigerator Leaking Water On The Floor?

Where there is water – there is the potential for a leak, and that includes refrigerators. It doesn’t even have to have an ice maker or water dispenser to leak. Our plumbers come across this situation several times a month and in our experience, we find that the leak is usually coming from a blocked […]

Can Pipes Burst In Warm Weather?

We’ve written quite a bit of information about pipes bursting and leaking and what can be done to prevent this from happening as well as what to do if it does happen. Just a few of the articles that we’ve written include… These articles give alot of information about how pipes can burst from being […]

How To Fix A Toilet That Is Running All The Time

It’s very normal for a toilet to refill it’s tank after a flush – when this happens you will hear what sounds like running water. It normally takes about 20 – 30 seconds after the flush for the tank to refill. But, if your toilet is constantly running then there’s a problem. It’s not only […]

How To Test If Your Toilet Is Leaking

If our water bill is all of a sudden higher than normal, one of the first things you should check is if you have a leaky toilet. Reason is that leaky toilets are quite common and it can be a fairly easy fix. If these steps reveal that your toilet is NOT leaking – then […]

Trenchless Sewer Repair: Pros and Cons

If you had a clogged sewer line or needed underground pipes replaced 20 or more years ago – you would have to undergo a major project of digging, breaking through any concrete slabs in order to get those fixed. The cost would then include repairing all that damage. But these days, the trenchless system minimizes […]

Water Leak Around Light Fixtures

First things first – know that this is a dangerous situation! You are searching online about information on water leaks from light fixtures and I will be giving you that but right now – read the 3 things I’m listing below and immediately go and do them! Then you can come back and read more […]

What To Do About A Leaky Drain Pipe Under Kitchen Sink

You open the cabinet door under your kitchen sink to get the dish soap out and you notice that there’s water on top of the bottle as well as the cabinet floor. You run your hand along the drain pipe under the kitchen sink and it’s wet! So, now what? Why Is My Drain Pipe […]