Although there are steps that you can take to find leaks on your own, nothing beats what a plumber can do simply because not many (if any) homeowner owns the equipment that plumbers use to find leaks.

The kind of equipment I’m talking about includes:

  • Video cameras
  • Listening discs
  • Thermal scanners

Video Camera Inspections

The use of video cameras to inspect pipes and sewers is a very valuable tool for plumbers. The camera equipment is specifically made for this purpose. It’s waterproof, flexbile and of course small enough to fit through most of the tight spaces in pipes.

As the camera makes its way through the pipes, the feedback from the camera is in real time so you can see exactly what the camera records as it makes it’s way down the pipes. It’s an invaluable tool for identifying cracks and obstructions in pipes.

The use of a camera eliminates any “guessing” as to where a leak or problem spot may be in your plumbing system. It can save you alot of money and time in the long run. But know that the equipment requires some training so using the skills of a trained plumber is highly recommended.

Listening Discs

These days, plumbers can also use listening discs (aka ground microphones) to listen for the sound of running water through walls, etc. The sound of water leaking / rushing from a pipe will be different than the normal sound being made from the water inside the pipe with no leak.

It’s another very good tool that plumbers can use to detect water leaks.

Thermal Scanners

Thermal scanners work very similarly to listening discs except instead of sound, it uses infrared thermal imaging to show the change in temperature of the water. It works best for hot water lines.

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