Do you ever get frustrated when your sink gurgles while the washing machine drains? There could be a few reasons why this happens. Maybe it’s because of things that are clogging up the drain, or maybe it is just how plumbing works. In this blog post, we will explore what causes these sounds and provide some solutions to help prevent them!

What Could Be Causing That Gurgling Sound?

In some households, the washing machine drain and the sink drain are connected via their plumbing which means that they both use the same vent and main drain pipe. So, one drain can easily affect the other.

When you run a load of laundry in your washer it will release water down the pipe which then pushes air out at your kitchen sink through the pipes. When there is more pressure in one of those pipes (the washing machine), then that forces all the fresh air from the other side over into its direction as well!

How Do You Fix A Gurgling Drain?

Gurgling is a common problem in sinks that stem from the drain pipes not being able to release enough pressure.

So, to stop your sink from gurgling, you’ll need to normalize the pressure inside the drain pipes. If either your sink vent or your main sewer vent is working as they should, with no clogs or blockage of any kind then a plumber should be able to fix the situation.

And if the case is that your vents are indeed clogged or blocked, well the plumber can certainly fix that too.

How Do You Tell If Your Sewer Vent Pipe Is Clogged?

There are basically 3 signs that tell you that your vent pipe may be clogged.

  1. Slow drains can be caused by clogged vents. This is a very common sign of trouble in the pipes and fixtures attached to that vent.
  2. The gurgling sound you hear from your sink’s drain or when your toilet is flushing can usually be traced back to a clog in the vent. The pressure building up means that it will take more than usual force for any of this excess air and liquid to make its way through, which otherwise would have been aided by gravity from below.
  3. The smell of sewage wafting from your toilet or drain – The clog in the pipe is causing an increase in pressure, and this has caused a buildup of gases that can’t escape.

How Do Sewer Vents Get Clogged?

Because the vent pipe is most usually coming up from the roof of your home, if it’s not properly covered the cause of the clog could be anything ranging from leaves (this happens often during the autumn) and birds setting up a next on the top of your vent.

Gurgling sounds coming from your sink may be caused by a clog in the drain pipe. This is often due to hair or food that has been washed down the drain and remains there, blocking water drainage. You should call a plumber if you are experiencing this problem as it can lead to serious plumbing issues like flooding of your home.

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