Hopefully, you have not experienced a sudden cold shower just because someone came in and flushed the toilet in your bathroom.

But if you have – you know it’s not an experience you would wish to repeat.

So, what causes this and what can you do about it?

The answer is typically old shower valves and/or poor plumbing.

Is It The Shower Valve?

A shower valve works in the following manner:

  • Water pressure changes in the hot / cold water supply line
  • This causes a piston to open or close a small port so that the water pressure remains balanced
  • The balanced water pressure keeps the water flowing at the temperature you set
  • If there’s a problem with the shower valve and it’s piston – then your water temperature will fluctuate

If your valve in the shower has worn out or is defective, when the water pressure in your water line changes due to a toilet being flushed, the water coming out of your shower head will fluctuate and get either colder or hotter.

Know that it doesn’t have to necessarily or always be a result of the toilet flushing. Running the dishwasher or washing machine while you take a shower may do the same thing.

Fixing This Problem

We recommend to have a plumber come in and fix / replace your shower valve or possibly, install a thermostatic mixing valve to help regulate the water pressure and keep the temperature steady for you while you shower.

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