Noisy water pipes are generally not a horrible nuisance but if they are not fixed they could turn into a very costly plumbing problem. The noise could be anything from loud bang(s) to a soft humming noise.

Generally, there are 4 main reasons why your water pipes are making those noises:

  1. You have copper pipes
  2. Your water pressure is too high
  3. Water hammer problems
  4. Unsecured pipes

Let’s tackle each one of these and see if we can help you quiet down those sounds. Of course, if you need help we recommend you call a professional plumber, like Atlantis Plumbing in the Atlanta, Georgia area at 770-505-8570.

Noises Due To Copper Pipes

If your home was built in the 1960’s or later – then your water system may be running through copper pipes. These pipes do have the tendency to expand when hot water runs through them and as a result of the expansion and then contraction, the pipes can produce noise as they rub against another surface such as a wall, a joint, a bracket, etc.

If the noise is extremely bothersome, a quick solution is to lower the temperature of your hot water heater to avoid the expansion and contraction trigger.

Generally speaking, copper pipes are still being used because they are very durable, they tolerate heat well and have a long life span. There’s no need to change replumb your home to remove copper pipes unless there are other issues that require you to do that work.

Water Pressure Is Too High

These days, most homes have a water pressure regulator. In Georgia, they are required by code. These great little devices control the incoming pressure and keep it from getting too high or too low.

If you want to test to see if your water pressure is the cause of your noisy pipes you can purchase a threaded pressure gauge. You want to make sure that your water pressure is not higher than 80 psi. If you find out that it is, we strongly recommend that you contact a plumber.

Common Indicators Of A Malfunctioning Water Pressure Regulator

Here are the 9 most common signs that your water pressure regulator may be having problems.

  1. Water pressure is too high or too low
  2. Water flow is too high or too low
  3. Surging water
  4. Banging pipes
  5. Vibrating pipes
  6. Toilet fill valves are leaking
  7. Hot water relief valves are leaking
  8. Broken pipes
  9. Leaky faucets

Noises Because Of The Water Hammer Effect

The term “water hammer” refers to the noise that is produced when running water hits a closed valve – that is supposed to be an open valve. When the water hits that closure, and essentially has nowhere to go it creates a loud thud.

Water hammers should not be ignored because in time, they could cause some serious damage to your water pipes.

The best way to fix this problem is to install (and or repair) a water hammer arrestor. This usually looks like a pipe that is located close to a fixture. Your plumber can help you locate it, fix it and/or install one for you.

Noises Due To Unsecured Pipes

It makes sense that older pipes can become loose after years of use. If they are strapped down anywhere, the strapping can break. If they were improperly placed too close to a wall or other structure and now they are loose they can easily bang against that structure when the pressure of the water is running through them.

Finding the loose pipe is step number one and then of course, correcting the issue either by replacing the strap or using wire or insulation or foam padding is step number two in reducing any noise due to this issue.

Of course, there may be an odd reason that is unique to your home and your noisy pipe but in general, these are the 4 most common reasons that you are hearing those loud noises.

If you are having problems with noisy pipes in your home or business or have any questions about this problem – call the experts at Atlantis Plumbing today at 770-505-8570.