Toilet flappers are inexpensive and easy to replace but you must first know how to choose the right one - otherwise you'll end up making several trips to the hardware store!

What Type Of Toilet Flapper Do I Need?

The 3 Types Of Toilet Flappers

There are basically 3 different types of toilet flappers available today. You will want to use the same type of toilet flapper that you currently have.

Seat Disc Flapper- These are usually found in older models of toilets which means that if you wanted to replace it - you may have a hard time finding another. These are often large round plastic disks that sit at the bottom of your toilet tank.

Tank Ball Flapper - If you see a large round plastic disc at the bottom of your tank that is connected with a chain to the toilet's flush assembly arm - this is your tank ball flapper.

Rubber Flapper - The rubber toilet flappers are the most common with the newer toilets these days. They sit at the bottom of your toilet tank, are smaller than the Seat Disc flappers and have a chain attached to them.

Toilet Flapper Sizes

Now that you know what type of toilet flapper to buy - you will need to know what size to get. Getting one that's too small or too large will not work.

We would recommend that you take your old toilet flapper to the hardware store so you can match it up correctly with another one of the same size.

If you know the make and model of your toilet you can also look up the proper toilet flapper size that way as well.

Replacing Toilet Flappers

The replacement procedure for each of these toilet flapper types is different - of course. If you don't feel confident replacing the flapper yourself - we recommend you contact a plumber to do the job for you.

Otherwise - here are the general steps on how to replace each of these types of toilet flappers.

Replacing Seat Disc Flapper

  1. Turn the water valve behind the toilet off by turning it to the right.
  2. Flush the toilet until there is no more water in the toilet tank.
  3. Wear disposable rubber gloves and have a plastic bag handy to put the old seat disc flapper in.
  4. Reach down to the bottom of the tank where the flapper is and remove the disc by pulling it off.
  5. Put the new disc on by pushing it into place.

Replacing Tank Ball Flapper

  1. Turn the water valve behind the toilet off by turning it to the right.
  2. Flush the toilet until there is no more water in the toilet tank.
  3. Reach into the tank and remove the flapper by disconnecting the side hooks and the chain that is attached to the toilet handle assembly arm.
  4. Then simply put in your new toilet flapper.

Replacing Rubber Flapper

  1. The instructions for the rubber flapper are the same as for the tank ball flapper listed above.

Toilet flappers often have to be replaced every 3 to 5 years, depending on usage. But luckily, they are very inexpensive and should be easy to replace.

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