When there’s a problem in your sewer line – the use of a sewer camera to inspect the pipe to see what the problem may be and where it may be is the least intrusive (and least expensive) method available today. After all, it’s much better than digging up your sewer pipes trying to find the problem!

These waterproof video cameras are specially made to fit the end of a tube which is then snaked through the pipe. The operator can see the live video via his tablet or computer screen as if he’s in the pipe himself.

Sewer Camera Inspection Can Locate:

  • Broken pipes, Cracked pipes, Collapsed pipes
  • Buried backflow devices and buried cleanouts
  • Foreign objects in pipes
  • Off grade pipe (no slope or a “belly in the pipe”)
  • Leaking joints and offset joints
  • Root obstruction and Infiltration
  • Blockages and Corrosion
  • Sewer taps

How Does A Sewer Line Inspection Camera Work?

The “camera” itself is a fiber optic camera, like the ones used in smart phones.

This camera is attached to a long, flexible tube / cable usually made out of metal. This is then snaked into an opening into your sewer system, camera first of course.

The operator manipulates how far the cable goes and where the camera points to using a control box and views the live video that the camera is showing him either via the control box, or a computer or a tablet.

Sewer camera inspections are a very inexpensive and unobtrusive way to assess any problems in your sewer pipes and to locate where the problem(s) may be. Otherwise, the only other alternative is to dig up the area surrounding the sewer pipes and to keep digging until the problem area(s) are found.

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