Pex plumbing is one of the more recent types of piping that has become popular in recent years. The piping is made from cross-linked polyethylene and can be installed with less labor than traditional copper or PVC pipe. Although this may seem like it would be the perfect solution for your home, there are some disadvantages to Pex plumbing that you should consider before making a decision.

PEX plumbing has come a long way and with all the benefits that it offers now, you might be wondering why people keep using copper. There are many different reasons to choose PEX over other types of pipes for your home but there are also disadvantages too so let’s take a quick look at them here together.

The Disadvantages Of Pex Plumbing

Pex plumbing may be an attractive option, but there are disadvantages that should not be overlooked before making your decision.

Below is a list of the disadvantages of installing Pex Plumbing in your home.

  1. There are 3 types of Pex pipes. Type A, B and C. It’s important to know which type you are using because Pex pipes may end up leaching BPA as well as other toxic chemicals. This tends to occur more with Pex pipes type A and C. So, we would recommend that you use Pex type B.
  2. While there is no denying that PEX has many benefits over copper piping systems in homes like being easily installed without needing sweat or solder joints; lighter weight for easier installation by one person on their own ; resistance to kinks and crushed pipes caused from freezing temperatures thanks to its low expansion rate—rodents seem all too eager at biting into these cheap plastic-based tubes.
  3. Sunlight is the enemy of PEX piping. The UV light in sunlight can damage and weaken pipe, leaving it susceptible to shrinking or cracking under pressure from water flow. Manufacturers recommend limiting exposure because prolonged sun contact will deplete a material’s natural strength as well as change its color with time.
  4. PEX is not the best choice for high-temperature jobs since it can’t be installed near recessed lighting or directly to a hot water heater.
  5. PEX is a semi-permeable material, meaning that liquids are able to enter the pipe. Due to this feature and it being made of plastic instead of antibacterial metal like copper, PEX does not hold up well in comparison when considering safety for drinking water or other purposes.

The Advantages Of Pex Plumbing

Of course, there are also advantages to pex plumbing and you should know those as well.

  1. PEX tubing is an excellent choice for homeowners in the Atlanta area because of its flexibility. PEXs ability to handle slight expansion during freezing and bursting provides the added security that rigid piping cannot provide.
  2. The PEX piping system is quickly becoming the preferred choice of plumbing material for new home construction due to its ease and speed at which it can be installed. It’s lightweight, flexible nature also makes it a great option when replacing an old pipe as well because there are fewer fittings needed in order to make turns when necessary.
  3. PEX is the new, more convenient way to do plumbing repairs. Shutoff valves are built into each supply line so you can take care of small problems quickly without having to shut off all water in your house!
  4. PEX pipe resists corrosion and doesn’t corrode, pit or develop pinholes like other types of pipes. In addition it will not be clogged by corrosive materials because PEX can resist the buildup of minerals over time while traditional plumping metals cannot.
  5. PEX can be connected to existing copper or PVC pipe using adapters and may be used for both hot and cold water. It is color-coded, typically red for hot and blue for cold. PEX has been around since the mid 1960s but it wasn’t until recently that its popularity skyrocketed because of how much more affordable it was compared to other options like plastic pipes which had traditionally dominated the market up till then.
  6. PEX is the cost-effective choice for installation of plumbing, as it requires fewer fittings and a quicker install than other materials.

Is Pex Safe For Drinking Water?

Yes, Pex piping is safe to use for drinking water.

PEX pipes have been used in drinking water infrastructure for over two decades. They are made of an FDA-approved, BPA free material and pose no health risks to humans who drink from them regularly.

It’s not a problem to drink water from PEX pipes, as they’re designed specifically for this purpose. The only downside is that the taste and smell of your delicious H2O may change if it lingers in these tubes too long!


PEX plumbing is a reliable and durable option for your indoor plumbing needs. Our plumbers have extensive experience installing PEX piping in residential or commercial settings, so if you’re anticipating new construction on an existing property or need to replace aging pipes with something more dependable, contact Atlantis Plumbing today!

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