You may be considering replacing your home’s or business’ water heater with a tankless unit. According to – the typical range of cost for installation of tankless water heaters in the Atlanta, Ga. area ranges from $3200.00 to $4000.00 per unit plus parts and labor.

Generally, it’s twice the cost of installing a standard water heater.

Before you make your decision on whether or not to go tankless, read about the things you should know about these energy saving units and how to choose one.

But if you have done your research and have decided that a tankless water heater unit is the best fit for you and your home or business, then to give you an idea of what the costs entail, here’s a breakdown of what may be involved in the installation process:

The labor involved in installing a tankless unit varies simply because of where the unit will be installed.

Some homeowners also purchase more than one tankless unit, depending on the size of their house and their water needs.

But, once the unit is chosen, the installation process can involve any or all of the following:

  • The old system must be removed.
  • A new gas line (or heat source access) has to be installed. (power outlet)
  • When installing new gas lines and/or water lines, walls and/or ceilings may have to be opened.
  • If walls / ceilings are opened then comes the cost of repairing them with drywall and paint and sometimes repair of molding.

So, you see, it’s more than just replacing your old water heater – hence the higher cost of installation.

All work should be done by a licensed plumber with Tankless Certification.

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