It’s fairly rare that a water meter has gone rogue. Oftentimes, the reason for suspecting the water meter is usually in a leak or a faulty reading of the water meter.

But if you have determined that there is no underground leak or leak in the wall or a faulty faucet that is dripping then the problem may be the reading of the water meter.

How To Check Water Meter Accuracy?

After you’ve located your water meter and removed the cover to expose the meter take the following steps to investigate if it’s been mis-read.

  1. Write down the numbers that you see on the meter gauge.
  2. Compare these numbers to the Current Reading on your water company’s utility bill that they sent you.
  3. The numbers on your meter should be equal to or higher than the numbers you are seeing on your water bill.
  4. If the numbers on your meter are lower than the Current Reading on your water bill, contact your water company and ask for another reading.
  5. I recommend to check the numbers on your water meter every month. Write them down and keep a log. Ideally, you want to do this the same date each month to be as accurate as possible.

But if everything checks out then you know that your meter readings are correct. But if you have any doubt, contact your water department to request a second reading of your meter.

Note that if you have a digital / modern water meter, it may be read remotely by your water company. No need for them to send someone out to read water meters individually.

How Long Does A Water Meter Last?

On average, water meters should last anywhere from 15 – 20 years but have been known to last as long as 25 years. After that amount of time, they lose their accuracy and you may end up paying for water you are not using.

How Do I Know If My Water Bill Is Too High?

If you notice a sudden increase in your water bill, and you haven’t increased the amount of water you use or the number of occupants in your home, then your water bill is too high for your residence.

The website, reports that the average American household in the USA pays $70.00/month for their water bill. If the household consists of one person, the average bill is normally around $34.00/month.

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