Although trenchless sewer repair and line replacements have been around for at least 15 years, many homeowners and businesses aren’t aware of the service or don’t trust it as of yet.

The truth of the matter is that trenchless sewer repair is just as effective as the traditional trench replacement options.

This non-invasive sewer line repair process is perfect for situations where the pipes that need repair are under lawns, driveways, concrete sidewalks and other surfaces that are costly to repair if they are destroyed as is the case often with traditional methods of sewer repairs.

The effectiveness of the Trenchless process is recognized by manufacturers, contractors, plumbers, engineering firms and more. In fact, an entire day each year has been dedicated to acknowledge the major accomplishments of this technology.

World Trenchless Day is September 28, 2017.

According to, the benefits of the Trenchless technology are…

Environmentally Friendly – Using specialized equipment underground infrastructure is installed, repaired or replaced with minimal ecological disturbance. Infrastructure can be installed under buildings, under forests, under wetlands and bodies of water.

Minimal Disturbance to Surroundings – No one likes their home, business or morning commute to be affected by construction. The footprint for a trenchless construction zone is smaller and often times done in an existing right of way.

Decreased Rehabilitation Time – Because trenchless construction methods require little digging, the time to rehabilitate the work area to as-found or better condition is decreased.

Saves Time – With decreased disturbance, projects using trenchless methods take less time to complete. Less time means less inconvenience associated with a construction project.

Saves Money – Because projects can be completed in less time – including prep and restoration – with decreased disturbance, projects that incorporate trenchless save money.

What Exactly is Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Basically, it’s the process of repairing your sewer pipes and water lines by inserting a new pipe into the old pipe and then pushing it through (aka Pipe Bursting).

There is another method used in trenchless projects besides Pipe Bursting and that is Pipe Lining.

In this second method, instead of pushing a new pipe through the old one, a flexible tube that is coated with resin is either blown or pulled into the old pipe and then inflated.

Once the resin hardens, it essentially creates a new pipe within the old one.

Yes, the pipe itself will be slightly smaller in diameter (approximately 1/4 of an inch) but our experience is that this will not affect how your sewer lines operate to remove the waste from your home or office.

Both of these trenchless methods allow us to repair the broken pipelines without having to dig up the yard or concrete patio, or driveway, etc. Both are equally effective in repairing your damaged pipes.

It’s a cleaner and less costly method than the traditional sewage line repair process.

Reviews on Our Trenchless Service

“Your guys did an awesome job. Their trenchless technique was so surgical, the yard was barely disturbed. Aside from some displaced mulch around the bushes, you’d hardly know they’d been here. They also sealed the inside basement wall around the new pipe.”- from Angie’s List

“The line from our water meter to our house broke and we called Atlantis Plumbing on a recommendation from a neighbor. Brian came to our house about 90 minutes after we called Atlantis on Saturday morning to give us options. We were put on the schedule for the following Tuesday and Brian made sure we a had temporary water connection. Brian and James showed up early Tuesday morning and they had the pipe replaced by 2PM that afternoon. They were able to replace the entire pipe with minimal digging and no disruption to the sidewalk or any landscaping. Excellent Job.”- Joe DiBiase

Pros and Cons of Trenchless Sewer Pipe Replacement

As a plumber and owner of Atlantis Plumbing here in Atlanta, Ga – I can tell you that my experience and expertise has shown me that the trenchless system does work and is an excellent choice for many reasons.

One of the best uses of Trenchless work is if your pipes or sewer lines run under a driveway or concrete sidewalk or patio. The trenchless system saves you the time and money it would take to drill (and destroy) your driveway or concrete slab and then replace it after the sewer lines have been repaired.


  1. 100 year service life on the HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) pipes
  2. Costs less than traditional sewer repair process
  3. Saves your yard from being dug up and torn up
  4. Usually takes 1 day from start to finish
  5. An easy way to replace pipes beneath driveways, patios, etc


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With all it’s advantages, we do have to acknowledge that there are times when it’s simply not possible to use the trenchless system – there are occasions where the pipe is so irreversibly damaged and corroded that there is no choice but to dig it up entirely and replace them.

If you have questions about our Trenchless Sewer Repair services in the Atlanta, Ga area – call us at 770-505-8570or email us today.