If you have ever experienced a leak in your plumbing system then you have probably gone through the process of trying to find out where that leak is coming from. But if you are fortunate enough to identify the cause of the leak immediately, you then know that the next step is fixing it so that it does not occur again.

All in all – having a professional plumber who has years of experience in finding and fixing plumbing leaks can save you alot of time and aggravation. Also, plumbers have the tools such as ultrasonic leak detection devices which work to find leaks without destroying drywall and other areas.

In addition – if there is a problem with your pipes that initially caused that leak that you found – it may be that other parts of your plumbing system may also be getting ready to “break” which would then cause additional leaks.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a professional plumber review the entire situation to help you avoid future problems?

We think so.

When Should I Try To Fix A Leak Myself?

If you are a handy person around the house and have the time available to you then we do encourage you to look through our list of steps on how to find leaks in your home.

But there are some guideliens that you can follow to determine if you should attempt to fix a water leak yourself or call in a professional plumber.

  1. Generally speaking, a leaky faucet or shower head can certainly be something a handy homeowner can fix themselves (especially if it means just replacing a worn out washer).
  2. Leaks coming from a water heater should be looked at by a plumber simply because it’s a bit more complicated than just fixing a leak.
  3. Same is true if you suspect that your water leak is coming from a main line underground or plumbing under concrete slabs – these are more complicated to find and to fix.

How Much Is A Leak Detection Service?

The cost of a leak detection service ranges anywhere from $75.00 to $350.00. It depends on the extent of the damage which then dictates the amount of time required to find the leak(s) and the amount of equipment needed to do the job properly.

Water leak detection services use ultrasound to identify the source of the leak. Ultrasonic leak detection is an effective and non-invasive method of detecting water pipe leaks. It is the use of a listening device to amplify the sound of water or air escaping from a pipe, valve or fitting. Basically there is a head set, an amplifier and a mini-subwoofer that picks up the sound.

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