It’s a frustrating situation when you turn off your water, only to find that your bathtub faucet is still leaking. It can be difficult to troubleshoot the problem and stop the leak altogether. But don’t worry! We’ve got some great tips for solving this problem, so read on for more information about why your tub might be leaking in the first place and what you should do if it happens again.

What Causes A Leaky Bathtub Faucet?

Bathtub faucets can leak for a variety of reasons. The 5 possible culprits can be…

  • Worn out washers
  • Problems with your faucet stem
  • Problems with pipe connections
  • Improper installations
  • High water pressure

Worn Out Washers

Washers play a major role when it comes to creating tight seals around pipes for bathtubs and sinks – without them you might find yourself dealing with extra unwanted disasters like leaky faucets.

There are many different types of washers that can be found on the market, but they all have one thing in common: They were made to create watertight seals. However, over time and with wear-and-tear these parts will start to break down or even crack! When this happens there is nothing holding back any excess water which can lead not only to drips and leaks but also damage such as rusts spots or mineral deposits from developing in your bathtub.

Faucet Stems

Perhaps the faucet itself is the problem and that usually presents itself in the faucet’s stem that is connected to the handle. If this is the case, there are times that it can be fixed but oftentimes it’s simply best to replace the faucet altogether.

Pipe Connections

If the plumbing to your bathtub was not properly installed or the materials are somehow faulty, the pipes may have gotten loose and disconnected to some extent which could end up causing a leak. This often happens if you have water hammer issues. The term “water hammer” refers to the noise that is produced when running water hits a closed valve – that is supposed to be an open valve.

When the water hits that closure, and essentially has nowhere to go it creates a loud thud.

Improper Installations

Another common culprit is improper installation of the bathtub or the plumbing associated with it. If you’ve just installed your bathtub, the pipes might not be tight enough to withstand the pressure from gallons upon gallons of water pouring through them every day.

High Water Pressure

High water pressure can cause leaky pipes, leaky fixtures, pipes to explode which end up causing premature failure of faucets and fixtures.

Even a small leak can lead to thousands of gallons wasted on your water bill. A worn out washer is the most common cause for this problem, so stop wasting and replace it with an inexpensive new one!

How Do You Stop A Dripping Bathtub Faucet?

Plumbing problems never go away on their own, they just get worse and more complicated. It can be hard to know what the problem is until you have a plumber review the situation. That’s why it’s best to not put off fixing plumbing issues – call us today at 770-505-8570!

The bathtub faucet is a fixture that many homeowners take for granted. Whether you have a traditional single-handle or the two handle design, this small part of your bathroom can become a problem if there are issues with a dripping faucet.

You may feel as if the only solution is to replace the whole faucet, but there are ways you can fix or stop a dripping bathtub faucet.

  • If the problem is a faulty washer you will need to replace that washer. That means removing the faucet and the handles and replacing the worn out washer.
  • If the problem is the faucet stem – you may be able to have it repaired but as we said earlier, more than likely it may be better to simply replace the entire faucet.
  • If the issue has to do with loose pipe connections, water hammer problems or improper installations then a professional plumber will have to come in th assess the problem and provide you with solutions.
  • If high water pressure is causing the problems you’ll need to install or replace a water pressure regulator. But there may be other reasons that your water pressure is high so read our article on How To Reduce Your Water Pressure.

Don’t Ignore Water Leaks

Besides the amount of water and money that a water leak wastes – it’s important to remember that water damage can cause any or all of the following:

a) mold and fungal growth

b) structural damage

c) a small leak can easily turn into a much larger one

So, whether you ask a plumber to fix the problem or you do it yourself – as soon as you identify a water leak of some kind – get the issues fixed right away.

If you have any questions about faulty bathtub faucets or are having some problems with it, call Atlantis Plumbing today at 770-505-8570. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.